Teenage Years

It's hard being the teenage daughter of Harry Styles, one of the members of one of the most popular bands on the planet, and Emma Styles knows it all too well. Emma's been in the spotlight all her life, but now that she's a teenager, photographers and everyone at school won't let her have a moment's peace. On top of all that, Emma has a really big crush on her Irish uncle Niall, something that her dad's bound to find out, and when he does, all hell breaks loose. And what happens when Emma accidentally discovers that her mom and her uncle Liam used to have a thing going on all those years ago? Daddy's good girl goes bad. ~ Book 3 in The Rebound Girl series. ~ Please note that I don’t encourage this kind of relationship and that this fanfic is for entertainment only.


9. The Secret

I swallowed with difficulty before I walked over to him and sat down next to him. Niall put his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer. He kissed my forehead, sighing into my hair. Then, he asked, looking at my face, ‘Are you okay? I know it’s hard for you to hear your parents yelling at each other.’

I nodded, chewing on my lower lip. ‘I’m fine. It’s just, I don’t get it.’ I hushed for a moment before I asked, ‘Do you know why they fight?’

Niall hesitated before he replied, ‘Yes.’

‘Will you tell me?’ I asked.

‘I’m sorry, Emma,’ Niall said. ‘That’s something you have to discuss with your Dad and Mom.’

‘I guess you’re right,’ I mumbled, looking at my knees. Then, I lifted my head up, looked into his eyes and asked, ‘Do you want to talk about our kiss?’

Niall stiffened up, cleared his throat and said, groaning a little, ‘Yeah, why not?’

‘Do you regret it?’ I asked, looking at his face and begging inside to pick up a flicker of emotion on it.

Niall ran a hand through his blond hair. He was all tensed up. ‘No, angel, of course not.’

‘Do you think I’m pretty?’ I asked, pouting.

Niall took my chin between his thumb and forefinger. ‘I think you’re beautiful,’ he said.

‘Do you want to kiss me again?’ I asked in a shaky voice.

Niall swallowed hard, staring at my mouth. And then, he put his hand on my knee and didn’t restrain himself anymore. He brought his face inches from mine. ‘Angel,’ he whispered and his hot breath puffed over my face. ‘I want to kiss you here,’ he said, tenderly kissing my left cheek. ‘And here,’ he added, kissing my nose, and I giggled. ‘And here,’ he groaned, burying his head into my neck. Niall melted his soft lips into my skin, moving his hand up my leg, and I thought my heart was going to burst. He kissed my neck a second time, but using his tongue, too, and I gasped.

Niall pulled away. His bright blue eyes were widened. ‘What am I doing!?’ he asked himself, getting up. Niall began pacing up and down in front of me, running both his hands through his hair. He went on talking to himself, ‘Am I honestly trying to corrupt my best mate’s daughter right now? What the hell’s wrong with me?’ I opened my mouth, because, I wanted to comfort him, but I didn’t really know what I should say. Then, there was a knock on the door, and Niall went to open. ‘Oh, hi, Bess,’ Niall said and I frowned. What was my Mom doing here?

‘Is Emma here?’ Mom asked.

‘Yeah, come on in. She’s in the living room,’ Niall replied, closing the front door. Then, Mom and Niall walked into the living room.

When Mom saw me, she let out a sigh of relief, and at that, I could feel that something was terribly wrong. ‘I knew I would find you here,’ she said, smiling.

‘Is something wrong?’ I asked. ‘Where’s Dad?’

Tears gathered in Mom’s eyes, but she held them back. She sat down on the coffee table opposite me. Niall leaned against the wall with his hands in his pockets. His eyebrows plunged into a frown. He probably felt too that something was off. ‘Your Dad and I had a fight,’ Mom said. I nodded, and she went on, ‘And we’ve decided to take a break. Your Dad’s at your uncle Zayn’s house right now, letting Eddie know about it, too.’

‘You and Dad are splitting up!?’ I shouted in shock. ‘You had one fight and you’re splitting up!?’

‘Things aren’t so simple, darling,’ Mom said. ‘And we’re not splitting up. We’re only taking a break. I’m going to be staying with my mom, your grandma, for a few days. Or, until your Dad calms down.’

‘What did you do to him?’ I demanded. ‘Why is he so angry with you? And what was that note I saw daddy holding?’

‘Bessie, I think it’s time you tell Emma the truth,’ Niall advised, but in a soft tone.

‘What if she hates me?’ Mom asked him, worried.

‘Mom,’ I said, rolling my eyes. ‘I’m not going to hate you! Just, tell me what’s going on, okay?’

Mom sighed. ‘Before I fell in love with your Dad, I used to smoke and I used to have depression and … um, well, I used to date your uncle Liam.’

WHAT?’ I squealed. ‘You used to sleep with uncle Liam!?’

At that, Niall laughed loudly, and Mom blushed terribly.

Date, Emma,’ Mom cried embarrassed. ‘I said I used to date Liam, not sleep with him.’

‘So, you didn’t sleep with him?’ I asked, intrigued.

Emma!’ Mom protested, while Niall was watching me with a smirk on his face.

‘Well, did you or didn’t you?’ I insisted.

‘I slept with Liam only once,’ Mom replied irritably.

‘Oh, okay. But all that belongs to the past, so, why is Dad mad about it now?’ I asked.

‘Well, this morning, your Dad found a note your uncle Liam wrote to me the night before he got married to your auntie Dani,’ Mom explained.

‘You kept uncle Liam’s note all these years?’ I asked, blinking.

‘Yes,’ Mom simply said. ‘And your Dad is now convinced that I still have feelings for your uncle.’

I swallowed with difficulty before I asked, ‘Do you?’

Mom smiled at me. ‘No, darling, I don’t. But I’ll always love him. He’s my best friend.’

‘But Dad doesn’t believe you,’ I said, thinking out loud.

‘No, he doesn’t,’ Mom replied, looking so sad.

‘Well, Dad’s pretty stubborn,’ I told her.

‘He is, isn’t he?’ Mom said, smiling.

‘Yes, he is. A lot,’ I assured her, getting up. When she got up, too, I hugged her. ‘Don’t worry, Mom,’ I said. ‘Everything will turn out okay in the end. You’ll see.’

‘I’m so proud of you, Emma,’ Mom told me, hugging me tighter. Then, she let me go with sigh. ‘If you, or, Eddie need anything, I’ll be at your grandma’s, yeah?’ When I nodded, she said, ‘Oh, and please, go home, darling. Don’t leave your Dad alone, tonight. He needs you.’

‘Okay, Mom, I will, don’t worry,’ I replied, hiding my sadness behind a smile. I really wanted to spend the night with Niall. After Mom left, Niall pulled me into a tight bear hug.

‘You’re a tough cookie, angel,’ Niall told me, rubbing my back. ‘But you don’t have to be tough with me.’

I didn’t want to cry, but I couldn’t help it, so, before I knew it, I was sobbing like a little child. I pressed my body harder against Niall's, clutched his t shirt in my fists and whispered, ‘I’m afraid.’

Niall sighed. ‘Don’t be, angel,’ he said softly. ‘Because, I’ll be here for you always.’


If anyone wants to read the note Liam wrote to Bess, you can find it in my Movella, Trouble in Paradise ~ Book 2 ~ Completed! The note's halfway through Chapter 22. Let me know what you think of the new chapter? Marlboro. :) xx

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