Teenage Years

It's hard being the teenage daughter of Harry Styles, one of the members of one of the most popular bands on the planet, and Emma Styles knows it all too well. Emma's been in the spotlight all her life, but now that she's a teenager, photographers and everyone at school won't let her have a moment's peace. On top of all that, Emma has a really big crush on her Irish uncle Niall, something that her dad's bound to find out, and when he does, all hell breaks loose. And what happens when Emma accidentally discovers that her mom and her uncle Liam used to have a thing going on all those years ago? Daddy's good girl goes bad. ~ Book 3 in The Rebound Girl series. ~ Please note that I don’t encourage this kind of relationship and that this fanfic is for entertainment only.


3. The New Girlfriend

Dalia clung to uncle Niall’s arm and I glared, having the strongest urge to scratch her eyes out.

‘We’d love it if you stayed for dinner,’ Mom said to uncle Niall and Dalia.

‘Of course we’ll stay for dinner!’ Dalia replied. ‘I want to get to know all of you better.’ I held back a pfft and rolled my eyes, folding my arms. Was it obvious that I hated her? Yes, it was, but I didn’t care. I wanted her out. Dalia fixed her cattish blue eyes on me and continued, ‘Especially, you, Emma. I have a nephew your age who goes to the same school as you and I believe he has a little crush on you.’ I forced a fake smile to my lips, but I never stopped glaring. ‘His name’s Jimmy,’ Dalia completed. ‘Jimmy Shadows.’ At the sound of my bully’s name, I felt all color draining from my face and the coldest shiver ran down my spine. Dalia noticed. ‘Do you know him?’ she asked with a satisfied smirk and I nodded, swallowing with difficulty. And anyway, what did she mean when she said that Jimmy had a little crush on me? That was absurd. Insane, even! Dalia was an evil person.

‘Shall we go to the dining room?’ Dad asked with his hands deep in his pockets. They all nodded, leaving the living room, but I grabbed Dad’s hand, pulling him back. Dad had really big but soft hands with long fingers. I liked his hands. He set his big green eyes on me. ‘What is it, baby girl?’ Dad asked. ‘Is something wrong?’

‘Is it okay if I skip dinner?’ I asked. ‘I have a stomachache,’ I lied.

‘Sure, sweetheart,’ Dad replied. Then, he cupped the back of my head and kissed my forehead. ‘Go lie down and I’ll send Eddie to bring you a cup of tea.’

‘Thank you, daddy,’ I told him, smiling, and gave him a bone crushing hug. Dad kissed my hair, holding me tight. I hated lying to my dad, but it was for the best. What daddy doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right? When I went up to my room, I jumped into bed, lied on my stomach and played dead. A few minutes later, there was a knock on my door and I looked over my shoulder. A smiling uncle Niall was in my room.

‘How are you feeling, cupcake?’ he asked, coming closer. When I sat on the end of my bed, he sat down beside me and handed me a steaming cup of tea.

‘Thank you, uncle Niall,’ I mumbled, blowing on my tea.

‘Okay, angel,’ uncle Niall said softly, rubbing my back. ‘Why don’t you tell me what’s really going on.’

‘What do you mean, uncle Niall?’ I asked innocently, sipping my tea.

‘Angel, I know you better than anyone,’ uncle Niall told me, touching my knee. ‘Why did you skip dinner? Is it because of Dalia? Don’t you like her?’

I chewed hard on my lower lip, looking at my knees. I was still in my school uniform, so, I felt so young next to him. This is all I’ll ever be to him, I thought, sighing deeply, his schoolgirl niece. ‘No, uncle Niall, Dalia’s nice,’ I lied, putting my tea aside. On my night stand, there was a picture of uncle Niall and me. We were hugging and smiling, and in the background, there was the Big Ben. I stared at the picture and my eyes filled with tears.

Uncle Niall gently grabbed my chin, forcing me to face him. He stared into my eyes, and I found the guts to stare into his. They were like two crystal pools of blue. ‘It hurts me to see you cry, angel,’ uncle Niall said. His eyebrows were plunged into a frown. His blonde hair was styled into a quiff. I wanted to run my hands through it.

‘I’m not crying, uncle Niall,’ I lied with a fake smile. ‘My stomach hurts, that’s all.’

Uncle Niall sighed, shaking his head. ‘You impossible girl,’ he said in his perfect Irish accent.

And then, I did something I shouldn’t have. I did something that would change everything. I knelt next to him on the bed and pressed my lips against his. Yes, I kissed him. And he didn’t pull away. Not immediately, anyway. But when he did, his big blue eyes were widened and his handsome face was a mix of emotions. Surprise. Confusion. Lust. I leaned in again, but he quickly got up.

‘I love you, uncle Niall,’ I confessed, pouting, and his beautiful blue eyes softened.

‘I love you, too, angel, but this is wrong,’ he replied, scolding a bit.

‘But I’m in love with you,’ I mumbled, looking at my knees.

‘Emma,’ uncle Niall began in a hoarse voice and I lifted my eyes up, looking at him from under my eyebrows. Wow. I actually had an effect on him. Who would have thought, right? Uncle Niall cleared his throat before he went on, ‘If Harry, your dad, finds out about this, he’s literally going to kill me.’ While uncle Niall panicked, I just sat there with my head bowed, thinking that the only thing I cared about and wanted to do right now was to kiss him again.

‘Niall, mate, dinner’s ready,’ Dad called from downstairs.

‘Please, don’t leave me, uncle Niall,’ I begged when he headed to the door.

Uncle Niall lingered with his back to me. ‘I’m sorry, angel, but I can’t do this right now,’ he said over his shoulder. And then, he left.

Groaning, I lied on my back on the bed and stared at the ceiling for the next half an hour or so. Uncle Niall and Dalia left right after dinner, and the minute they did, I dozed off. I didn’t know it at the time, but that night, I had opened Pandora’s Box.


Shout out to Bollywooddiva99 for giving me the idea of making Jimmy and Dalia related! So, what did you guys think of the new chapter? Marlboro. :) xx

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