Teenage Years

It's hard being the teenage daughter of Harry Styles, one of the members of one of the most popular bands on the planet, and Emma Styles knows it all too well. Emma's been in the spotlight all her life, but now that she's a teenager, photographers and everyone at school won't let her have a moment's peace. On top of all that, Emma has a really big crush on her Irish uncle Niall, something that her dad's bound to find out, and when he does, all hell breaks loose. And what happens when Emma accidentally discovers that her mom and her uncle Liam used to have a thing going on all those years ago? Daddy's good girl goes bad. ~ Book 3 in The Rebound Girl series. ~ Please note that I don’t encourage this kind of relationship and that this fanfic is for entertainment only.


8. The Fight

I spent most of my Sunday in bed, hiding from my life. I wanted to erase from my memory what Niall had told me yesterday, that a relationship between he and I was impossible. And I wanted to forget all about Jimmy and about how he had blackmailed me to sleep with him in order to keep his mouth shut about me having a crush on my uncle Niall. I was curled up on my side in bed and I yawned big, wondering when did things become so messed up.

At around four in the afternoon, Dad and Mom began fighting really loudly downstairs. So, I groaned, pulling the duvet over my head. My parents loved each other to pieces and would literally die for each other if they had to, but when they fought, they were both stubbornly fighting fire with fire. My bedroom door was open and Eddie leaned on my doorframe with his arms folded. He was shirtless and he was only wearing a pair of black boxers.

‘My eyes are burning, Eddie! Put some clothes on!’ I joked, squeezing my eyes shut. Eddie chuckled, went to his room and returned a few seconds later. He sat down on the bed beside me and pulled the duvet away from me.

‘I’m decent, Em,’ Eddie said, chuckling. ‘You can open your eyes now.’ So, I did. He had put on a pair of blue pajama pants, but his torso was still bare. I moved over and Eddie lay down next to me. ‘I don’t get it. They rarely fight, but when they do, they can bring the whole house down,’ Eddie said. I shrugged, staring at the ceiling, staying silent. Eddie went on, ‘I called Logan. I’ll go over to uncle Zayn’s house. Do you want to come with?’ Whenever our parents fought, Eddie and I left the house. It was soul wrenching sticking around and listening to them yelling at each other.

‘No, I’d rather go to uncle Niall’s,’ I replied dully, hiding my emotions. ‘It’s always quiet there and his fridge’s always filled with food. I’ll study for my English test there, too.’

‘Okay,’ Eddie nodded, getting up. ‘I’ll see you later, sis,’ he said over his shoulder, leaving my room.

‘See you later,’ I murmured, watching him go. Then, I rolled out of bed, went to the bathroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth. When I was done, I realized that Mom and Dad’s argument had heated up. From upstairs, I peeked out from behind the wall. They were standing opposite each other in the middle of the living room.

‘Why are you holding on to this, Bess?’ Dad shouted at Mom. He was holding a note in his hand.

‘It’s a memory that belongs to the past, Harry!’ Mom shouted back. ‘Will you just let it go?’

Frowning, I returned to my bedroom and got ready. I put on a red low cut square neck top, a pair of skinny jeans and red converse. Then, I styled my hair half up half down and put on my typical makeup, which was eyeliner, mascara and dark pink lipstick. I grabbed my bag and was all set to go, but my eyes fell on the teddy bear Jimmy had given me at the funfair. It was on my bed, because, for some reason, I had slept with it last night. Hey, don’t judge! It was a cute teddy bear! Sighing, I grabbed it, and even though I felt like strangling it, because, it reminded me of Jimmy, I shoved it into my bag, instead. I wanted to take it with me. Mom and Dad were still fighting, so, I snuck out through my window. I didn’t want to go downstairs and deal with an awkward confrontation. I walked to Niall’s place, and by the time I got there, it was half past five. I knocked on his front door, and a few seconds later, the Irish man opened. When Niall saw me at his front step, his baby blue eyes widened. His blond hair was unkempt, he was wearing a white tank top, white shorts and white flip flops.

‘Have I come at a bad time?’ I asked. ‘Are you busy?’

‘No, angel, it’s just … wow,’ Niall said, looking at me up and down. I felt my cheeks flush, so, I looked at the ground and tucked a lock of hair behind my ear. I wanted to hide my blushing from him, but he noticed, and he grinned. Niall went on, ‘You’re one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of girls in my life so far.’ Then, he crossed his arms across his chest and asked, ‘What brings you here, angel? Is something wrong?’

I lifted my eyes up to his face. ‘Mom and Dad are fighting,’ I replied, shrugging.

‘I see,’ Niall said simply.

‘Can I spend the night here?’ I asked, fiddling with my fingers. Over the years, I stayed over at his house a lot of times. Niall’s home was where I escaped when my parents fought, when I was bullied at school, or, when I was stalked by paparazzi to the point I couldn’t live normally. I only hoped he wouldn’t send me away this time because of the kiss we shared two nights ago.

But he didn’t let me down. ‘Sure, angel, come on inside,’ Niall said with a sweet smile. I let out a sigh of relief and walked inside. ‘But can I count on you to behave?’ he asked, closing the front door behind me.

‘Yes, totally, I absolutely will not kiss you this time,’ I told him, crossing my heart.

Niall laughed loudly with his head thrown back for a moment. ‘That’s a good girl,’ he said with a smirk, patting my head.

‘I’m not a dog,’ I groaned, glaring a little, but he laughed again. Then, he went to his living room, shaking his head. I followed him.

Niall sat down on his brown leather sofa, patted the spot next to him and said temptingly, ‘Come on, come over here and sit next to me, angel.’


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