Teenage Years

It's hard being the teenage daughter of Harry Styles, one of the members of one of the most popular bands on the planet, and Emma Styles knows it all too well. Emma's been in the spotlight all her life, but now that she's a teenager, photographers and everyone at school won't let her have a moment's peace. On top of all that, Emma has a really big crush on her Irish uncle Niall, something that her dad's bound to find out, and when he does, all hell breaks loose. And what happens when Emma accidentally discovers that her mom and her uncle Liam used to have a thing going on all those years ago? Daddy's good girl goes bad. ~ Book 3 in The Rebound Girl series. ~ Please note that I don’t encourage this kind of relationship and that this fanfic is for entertainment only.


14. Note!


A while ago, I asked you guys to tell me how you imagine Jimmy looks like and some of you posted a link or the name of a celebrity! But three girls, KBeau, Kalli69 and Hazzaforlife<3, posted four pictures of the most gorgeous guys! So, I thought, why not make a game out of this!? In a few minutes, I'm going to post the five pictures of these boys in My Mumbles and you can all choose your perfect Jimmy Shadows! Like, or, comment on the guy you like the most!

Teenage Years will always be a Niall Horan fanfic, but what's a love story without a love triangle in it, right?

Anyhoo, I'll write the next chapter as soon as I can! ~ Marlboro. :) xx ~

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