My opinions on Twilight

A friend of mine recently gave her opinion on Phan and now its my turn to give my opinion on twilight


1. the plot

i have seen all the twilight films and im not saying i dont like twilight but there are a few things that bug me when watching a twilight film.

first of all. Kristen Stewart. i think you can tell what im going to say but she literally comes across like she has NO emotions at all. In breaking dawn part 1 they get married and everyones like Bella your getting married best day ever and Edwaeds like Oh i love you so much and she doesnt smile the whole way through. i mean its the best day of your life for gods sake.


At first i got so confused with the plot and the characters. My friends will talk about a character and i have to smile and nod cos i have no idea what their talking about.

In breaking dawn part two Edward and Bella get a new house and as soon as they get in there their at it. i mean what if carlisle walks in i mean seriously.

so yes that is my first chapter


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