The Literary Abyss (The Mediocre True Story About An English Group)

Edison sat glibly, staring at the foreboding tome that lay in front of him, the title read "The Red Flag: A History Of Communism". He broke a little inside, this is what it had come to, intense working every night had left him homework-less, no books to read but this final, hefty copy.


1. Study Area

"Hey Edison, come sit over here!" cried Washington as Edison glibly wandered into the computer banks. He began regretting coming in for his study period, as all he had to read was a sombre tome; "The Red Flag: A History Of Communism". He didn't even remeber why he thought it was a good idea to bring such a gargantuan work to his study period, all he knew was that he had.

It still lay there unread, opened on what seemed the most interesting subject; Guerillas. It was at this point that his friend Washington spoke up again; "Edison, why don't you join Movellas?" Now Edison, a keen writer at home, had never heard of such an invention, and so, without further ado, he logged on to the website of literary commerce. He immediately saw, in a horrified fashion, that the school's English group had no Movellas, so he set out to fix this. His other friend (only having four at best) joined Edison's struggle, and this was Franklin, they began to write the Movella when all of a sudden a most curious event happened. They were researching famous authors when all of a sudden a bright light erupted across the mid-eighties decorated study area. "we're going on an adventure!" cried Franklin,

"wow, coming up with film quotes as we experience astronomical events" sighed Washington.

When the three friends came to, they found themselves not in the study area, but on a field of green. A rabbit hole appeared at the foot of the crest and it grew, and grew, and grew, like a black hole it swallowed the trio into a dark plane of Oblivion. Suddenly, a suited man appeared in the distance, and began to approach. Soon it appeared as though this man was Edgar Alan Poe, except his head was that of a raven, which in retrospect seemed rather odd, yet at the time they were rather more startled that they knew it was Edgar Alan Poe, considering his head was a raven. He gestured to the trio to another figure, this figure was somewhat shorter than Edgar, and seemed to be smoking a long, thin pipe. On further approach, the trio realised that this second figure, was in fact a Hobbit, but not any Hobbit; it was Bilbo Baggins. Again, in retrospect, this seemed rather odd, and again at the time the friends were more startled by the fact that Bilbo Baggins was wearing shoes. "You can't be wearing shoes Bilbo!" cried Franklin, "You're a Hobbit!",

"What're you saying? are you being racist boy?" shot back Bilbo,

"no..but..I mean...isn't it uncomfortable?",

"wearing shoes uncomfortable? are you insane!". Edison turned to one side to consider the transpiring events, yet he still didn't recognise them as being odd in the slightest, in facti it was only Franklin who realised the oddness of a Hobbit wearing shoes. Suddenly (yes that word again, Edison's mental dictionary was somewhat lacking in the swift change of events category), the scene changed and they were back in the breezy field, here however they were greeted by Jane Austin and William Shakespeare of all people, or maybe it wasn't shakespeare but shakespeare playing a character of his (it was awfully hard to tell back in those days). Again, they were only surprised by these events in post. It was at this point that Washington turned to the others; "don't you think all this is a little funny? for instaqnce, where the bloody hell are we?". All of a sudden normality returned and Edison and Franklin were still sat staring at the page before them. turns out only Jefferson, the fourth friend had actually gone on the odyssey, and that was because he was at home asleep after working with glues the previous night, like Edison should have done.

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