Delilah Malik

Delilah's back story


Blood Lust chapter premiere March 21st 2013


1. Delilah's back story

Delilah was a privileged young girl that had yet to start going to school. She witnessed the death of her family. Dad, Mother, and older brother and sister. But she's a kid, kids forget things especially wen she meets Zayn and Liam. It would have been easy for Zayn to just kill Delilah or leave her out there for any other forest creature but he didnt. He took her into his home and acted her as his daughter.

Delilah has a whole life ahead of her. Meet a boy, get married have babies. But Zayn hasn't decided if he will be part of it. It's kinda weird when your dad looks like he's the same age as you right?

Zayn will protect Delilah, until she reaches age 10 then he will hand her to Lou. And tell her to take good care of her. He will kiss her head and leave, disappearing with his coven. The will never see each other ever again.
Never in Delilah's life time atleast.
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