Which One?

This is about a 19 Year Old girl called Rebecca and she would love to meet One Direction, that all suddenley changes when they show up at her house and stay with her , They all fall for her and she is so confused, which one should she pick ? Which one? Read to find out!x


5. Wait.. What?

Rebeccas POV:

Oh gosh, they are here!!! I think im pretty enough, hopefully enough for Louis!
I hear the door knock, and so i skipped downstairs but stopped at the last stair, thinking and staring blank thoughts at the door, how will they react to me if i open the door? Well here it goes, so i go to the door and open it, and standing infront of me is 5 young beautiful sex gods... one Direction. My jaw drops and so do theirs, they must really think im that ugly! I look down an waiting for someone to break the silence.. someone!

Louis, Harry and Liams POV:

Oh.My.God, our Jaws dropped and there stands Rebecca Dawson! She was H.O.T! She just looked down, i want to go and kiss her and hug her but, we only met, so we are not going that far just yet! Zayn and Niall just smiled?! Really?! Infront of a drop dead gorgeous girl?! There is something wrong with them two. Luois breaks the silence and says: Hi Rebecca, may we come in? Rebecca nods her head really quickly and stands out of the way, her legs were so tan and long and sexy , i just want to lift her up and be her boyfriend!

Zayns POV:

I really wanted to let my Jaw drop but i have a girlfriend Perri, and didnt want to ruin our relationship, you have to admit, she is gorgeous, no wonder Louis really wanted to come and see her so bad! Louis broke the awkward silence between us and asked if we could come in , she nodded quickly and let us in, she is stunning.

Nialls POV:

One word.. Beautiful. She was a girl any boy could dream about ! Seriously ! Wait , Niall! You have a girlfriend! Demi was my girlfriend, i love her so much, but something happens when i look at Rebecca , shes just a want in your life, well more like a need but she is amazing looking! I see the way Louis , Liam and Harry look at her, but im a wee bit jealous of them now, i just need Rebecca!
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