Which One?

This is about a 19 Year Old girl called Rebecca and she would love to meet One Direction, that all suddenley changes when they show up at her house and stay with her , They all fall for her and she is so confused, which one should she pick ? Which one? Read to find out!x


6. Truth or Dare.. Going wrong.

Rebeccas POV:

We went into my living room and it was nothing but eyes staring at me. I broke the silence and i say: What do you guys wanna do? Do you want anything? Niall says: Food! I say: Okay hehe. I went into the kitchen making a sandwich for Niall then i heard more talking. I eavsdropped on them listening to their conversation! All i hear is Louis saying: Im going to go into the kitchen to see if she needs any help with that sandwich. I run back into the kitchen buttering the sandwich and there stands Louis.

Louis POV:

I tell the boys im helping her with the sandwich, which im only going in there because i cant stand a second without her beside me. I say to Rebecca: Need any help? No im okay :) Rebecca replies. I come closer and just watch her making the sandwich, she looks up and stops, do you want one? Nono im okay really i say. She goes back to her sandwich and i just stare at her face, her beautiful face, she is prefect. I couldnt take this so i went really close to her, she looked up and smiled. your smile is beautiful i say. Thanks Louis, she says blushing. I take the knife off her, she looks up again and notices im very close to her , i grab her hand and say, i really like you. She stands there blushing. I had to do it. I made the move and kissed her, she kissed back! Our lips moved in Synce and i pull away leaving her smiling. Topnotch, she liked it! I walk back into the room with Nialls sandwich for her and they ask where Rebecca is and she walks in not too long behind me.

Zayns POV:

She walked back in and sat down, our eyes followed her, so i said : do you guys wanna play a game? They all nodded so Louis screams: TRUTH OR DARE!!!!! So we all sit in a circle and im beside Niall and Harry and Rebecca is beside Liam and Louis. We start playing and Louis goes first. Liam, truth or dare? Dare he says. Okay you have to... Take off your shirt and keep it off until i tell you to put it back on. He did and i looked over from the corner of my eye and see Rebecca blushing. Shit. Liams go! Rebecca, Truth or Dare? Umm.. Dare!;) she replies. Okay, i dare you to... A Lap dance on Louis!!!!! She looks over to Louis and starts to smile so he got up and puck her up too and he just sat there waiting. I could see Harry didnt like what he was seeing his fists were clenched and wanted to hit something.

Harrys POV:

NO WAY LIAM!! I yelled really silently, i clenched my fists together wanting to punch him in the face for doing that. But hey, its just truth or dare right? So she puts on Shakira Hips Dont Lie and started to dance. Guys, i cant really dance so dont laugh! She says. We all say okay, and can i just say, she looks like a real lap dancer, i wish that was me, not Louis! Im so jealous! The way her hips move in rythum with the music and the way she grinds up and down on louis, i can see that he is enjoying it, i start to get angry again and stand up but they dont notice, this time shes getting real passionate and starts to rub his face and mess his hair, then she sits on his lap and starts streching on him, He is so enjoying that!!! I run out of the room into the car and drive off leaving to boys behind. I dont care. Why did Liam do this to me?
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