Which One?

This is about a 19 Year Old girl called Rebecca and she would love to meet One Direction, that all suddenley changes when they show up at her house and stay with her , They all fall for her and she is so confused, which one should she pick ? Which one? Read to find out!x


2. The tweet that changed my life.

Rebeccas POV:

I woke up to a nice shiny Saturday Morning and the sun coming from my window just blinded my eyes, but it was a nice feeling. I got up and got dressed, since it was the first week of Summer, i decided to put on some short shorts and then a nice flowy belly top with my converse. I went downstairs and got some Lucky Charms for Breakfast. I Would cook, but im not that bothered.
I finished my breakfast and heard a 'Ding' coming from my phone upstairs, i ran to get it and it was a Twitter Notification, i puck my phone up looked at my Notification.... no... It couldnt be.:o
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