Which One?

This is about a 19 Year Old girl called Rebecca and she would love to meet One Direction, that all suddenley changes when they show up at her house and stay with her , They all fall for her and she is so confused, which one should she pick ? Which one? Read to find out!x


4. The Day that Changed my life.

Harrys POV:

Louis was really caught up on this Chick: Rebecca Dawson, you have to admit shes hot. Now i want her to be mine, her gorgeous lucious hair, her sparkly shiny blue eyes her figure, her lips... Wait, Harry ! What are you doing ?! Get your act together ! This is Louis Girl now! But i dont think i can wait any longer to see her so i pace up the speed when im driving, Louis cannot stop staring at his phone, he must really have feelings for her, its really cute. But i do too.

Liams POV:

This girl Rebecca, she is down right beautiful! Im glad i dumped Danielle, now i can have my chance with her.. Even though i havent met her yet, i still want her, Niall and Zayn already have girlfriends so they cant try anything out on her! Its against me , Harry and Louis. But we all know she will fall head over heels for Harry, which pisses me off big time. Louis seems to be so attracted to her, but that wont get in my way, i will get her, even if i have to fight for her!

Nobodys POV:

The boys arrived at Rebeccas house and were very excited to meet her, they got out of the car but stood for 10 minutes thingking that they seen a ghost, they were terrified to meet her, while she was buzzing to meet them, i dont know how they will react , how will Rebecca react? Well here goes nothing..
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