Which One?

This is about a 19 Year Old girl called Rebecca and she would love to meet One Direction, that all suddenley changes when they show up at her house and stay with her , They all fall for her and she is so confused, which one should she pick ? Which one? Read to find out!x


3. No Way.

Louis POV:

I followed her, she was absolutley stunning ! Her cute nose, her hair, her shiny blue eyes, you couldnt say no to her! I want her to be mine , ever since me and Elenor broke up, i thought i would never find love like us again, but by looking at her she is to die for !! I D'M her on Twitter saying : Hi Rebecca how are you?:) She text back instantly : Hi Louis! Im Great , You??:):) i replied: Yes, ever since ive followed you on Twitter everything is Perfect! Cheesy , Right? But she could be that type of girl! Rebecca replied: Aww your so sweet Louis!:)" Right that tears it, i have to see her! I went downstairs to the boys and said come on we have to go to Rebeccas house now! Harry says: whos Rebecca? I say: She is a girl im falling in love with Harry. The Boys agree and they drive me to hers, i cant wait to see her face, i really cant.

Rebeccas POV:

I cannot belive Louis is following me, and talking to me! What does he mean I cant wait to see you? is he?.. Noo hes in London likely! He couldnt come all the way out here just to come to my house!!! I was confused until i got another D'M from Louis: We are on our way love, see you soon x" This is a dream. It couldnt be real! One Direction are coming to my house!! Oh no! I have to tidy my room, i have to clean the hou.. Wait, i dont clean, why am i overexaggerating?! Oh yeah.. One Direction are coming in less than... 15 Minutes!! I need to get ready, my hair is a state and my make-up is totally not pretty! I hope they like me i really do,, Especially Louis.
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