Ruin My Lipstick, Not My Mascara

.............................ONE WORD..............................



Sunny's Pov:

~Day of the Leaving~

"WAKE UP CHICKEN FACE" I yelled at Alex, who seems to want to miss the Plane, she was really pretty, she had amber eyes, she was a red head, she has the cutest freckles, and had the longest lashes. She woke up slowly, stretching her arms up, she slowly got out of bed, and walked to the shower. I was already ready, I straightened my hair. I was wearing light pink skinny jeans, my hot pink converse, a white top saying 'WuZ uP' in black lettering, and a black knit cardigan. I walked down stairs loading the luggage out into the lovely Red Land Rover. I walked out o the Garage wear the car was parked, and saw Alex eating some Cereal, I smiled at what she was wearing, ripped baby blue Skinny Jeans, Black Combat boots, a dark blue Galaxy top, and Leather Black Jacket. She had put her Wavy/Curly hair in a messy bun, with her bangs out.

I saw a bit of blood drip from her jacket sleeve, I knew she cut but she told me she stopped, she gets a whole lot of hate from the trainees working in the office.

I lifted he sleeve before I could get her to pull my hand off and noticed the cuts covered in bandages but one of the cuts blood had leaked threw the bandages, I frowned at her as she looked down guilty.I went to get the first aid kit from my bathroom, I came back carefully cleaning her cuts, and applying Makeup on her wrist to make the cuts look gone there was going to be cameras in our faces today, "Why?" I asked quietly "They called me a Slut" she whispered, I nodded, I felt bad for her. "Your not any thing, one of those Skunk Faces, call you." She nodded.
"I think you need a BOYFRIEND!! Or even Just a GUYfriend" I told her he shook her head rapidly, she was like this in the morning quiet, especially when she cuts. She was like a 5 year old always saying no before they even try.

"Leggo!!" I yelled running to the garage, I herd her giggle behind me.

Alex's Pov:

We were n the way to the airport Sunny driving, because I was to tired, I mean, My lord its 3 o'clock in the morning. I thinking about what sunny said, saying I need a boyfriend. It was true I didn't want a Boyfriend I needed One, badly I need someone to tell me 'I Love You', and call me Beautiful, I needed somebody to cuddle with when I feeling sad, I need someone to argue with because they insist on giving you there jacket on a freezing Day. I needed that. I woke up from my 'thinky tinky' session and saw we were at the airport, we were told to part in the V.I.P area, which basically means you walk threw the runway, to the airport, yeah me and Sunny have fans, alot of them!! I think also being in the same place with the one and only 'One Direction' probably will make it even more crazy. We walked into the secluded side of the airport, were we met up with the boys, I only met them one, I kind of grown a liking to I think it was Harry, I didn't tell Sunny, when shes perfectly fine she acts like shes on a sugar high, I don't need her knowing anything, and plus why does she need to know when it ain't going to happen.

I saw Sunny and Liam talking, I was to zoned out to hear anything, but I remember Liam saying something to make Sunny Blush, and then we were being ushered onto the Plane.

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