Ruin My Lipstick, Not My Mascara

.............................ONE WORD..............................


1. Life in the Office

Sunny's Pov:

Last Paper to Sign....... UGHHHH!!! Being the CEO of Syco industries is not fun, the only upside is I get PAID, very very very well, and respected because my fathers Simon Cowell, yep the famous judge that has been sold for being tough, I'm just going to tell you one thing, all that shit your being told about him is not true , hes fun, lay back, and is the best Dad the world could ever ask for. You probably think I'm a daddy's Girl, well its true, he is the only one I have, my mom passed away awhile ago. But yeah I'm sitting in my Office that I share with my best friend, Alex, she's my assistant! Its better than having a lazy slacking of weirdo who you don't even like, so I am really thankful shes my assistant! :)

I have been signing a tuck load of papers, tour schedules and other stuff, for this one band, what was it Two direction, No One Direction. Yep, I have a meeting with them today with my Dad today, which is really strange because I'm not even aloud near his office when he has a five minute conversation with one person, so it must be something important if Ive been asked to join.

I put all the papers on the paper tray on Alex's desk, she went to go get a coffee. I brushed of the the wrinkles of my dress and walked out of the office making my way to my Dads office, hearing muffled laughs and yells, and then something catched my attention a herd glass shatter hitting the marble floors of my dads offce. I barge in the room to see Five Boys and My Dad with Nerf Guns in there hands, I stared in shock, looking at the multi-million dollar office covered in water and things dropped on the ground, they all look scared af what I would say, I just looked at them and started cracking up laughing at the 6 of them who looked to be confused and then joined in with my laughing.

Liams Pov:

We stared in confusion at the beautiful girl, she had lavender eyes, blonde hair with darker drown ends, Dark red lips, and rosy cheeks.

We eventually joined in with her laughing, as she settled down she finally spoke "Hi my Names Sunny, Im Simon's Daughter" she smiled adding a little wave, Louis was the first to speak "Im Louis, and I like the Moon not the Sun" He said earning a little giggle from Sunny, "Im Harry" Harry spoke quietly, he has been like that around girls lately,quiet , he just got over a recent break-up. She smiled, and lifted his head up a little, so he could see the little thumbs up she was giving him, which instantly got him to smile. "Im Zayn" Zayn said, " Yeah and he's very Vain, Im Niall" Niall spoke with a small smile, "And Im Liam" I said, she nodded. " Oh and Im Simon" Uncle S, said walking over to give her a hug. We all chuckled a little bit.

"So I was told to come here, for a meeting?" She Asked Uncle S, "Yep, Take a Seat Everyone" He smiled, We did as we were told, and sat down on the dry chairs, that happend not to be oaked from the recent Nerf Gun Battle, "Now as you know Paul, is taking of because of Personal Issues, and you have an opcoming tour, Becausee of your inmaturity, I need someone to go with you." he says, the boys a look at each other confused, "Soooo" Louis urging Uncle S to continue, "Sunny will be coming with as tour manager" he said looking at Sunny for her answer, "Ok, let me ask you something, How long is the Tour?" Sunny asked "8 Months" Uncle S answered, her face dropped. " You Said I could have eight months of with Alex, in the US" she said quietly, " I know sweety but listen your going to be going to the US, Australia, Asia, and Tour Europe, and the best part is, Alex is coming!" he answered, she smiled again and looked up at Uncle S, "When do we Leave?"
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