Bullying it's not right

One day I was at school, it was lunch time and I was on twitter i was hanging out with my best friend crystal blossom I was looking at all the hateful tweets it said @watsup hey loser go die in a hole
@lalaland234 brat why don't you just stop coming to school and die loser
It made me feel so bad it all started when this girl told me a secret I couldn't keep it so when I told everyone they told me that they wanted me to die or that i should go live in a hole. After that I lost it I didn't go to school when I did I skipped it and what I did is go home while my parents worked and go in my room and cried my eyes out I just couldn't take it because the secret that I told made her so mad at me because it was my best friends crystals it was that she stole something but were cool now. My. Name is klara knight. After all that happened I didn't eat or sleep for a week because it killed me. And that's when all the hatred came in but now we are all cool and never got messed with anymore.


1. love and hate

When I went to school yesterday everything was ok the sun was out the birds were chirping it was great. Until the next day it was horrible everyone calling me names and they said bad stuff at the end of the day I just ran home in the rain crying and crying when I finally got home I just ran in my room and cried until my mom came in she said "klara are you ok sweety" she asked I told her everything and she went to the school and talked to the principle and it didn't work. I then saw this new boy and I said hi to him his name is walker Adams he transferred here from London. After two days I told him that he didn't have to hangout with me but he insisted. The next day he didn't talk to me anymore I asked him and he said because I told everyone his secrets that he told me and I said that I didn't but he didn't believe me. After that my best friend crystal Lewis stopped talking to me to I couldn't take it anymore so I went home and said bye to everyone on twitter and took a knife and started cutting myself until I passed out.
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