The Wharf

A wharf, Young love, mysteries and shocks.

What happened 8 months ago that ended Patricks life? Why was it Emily's fault? A story of love, mystery and the wharf which ended it all.


1. The beginning.

Just walking down to the wharf from my house was hard. Living next to it was so much worse. Knowing what happened, because of me, its just something I have to live with. Its something I have to stare in the face almost everyday. Just thinking his name hurts. Patrick. I just, cant think about anything but him and that wharf. 

I stood onto the wharf, for the first time since the accident. Its been 8 months. 

*2.5 years ago*

"Patrick stop it!" I laughed running down the hill, from my house to the wharf. I Turned around for a split second, which was a big mistake. Patrick laughed then jumped on me. 

"Never turn around when you are being hunted by your prey. You of all people should know that Em. You work at the zoo." He laughed, winking at me. He lent down and kissed me lightly on the lips. I smiled into the kiss knowing that he was mine and that I was his.

"Well not everyone can run as fast as a tiger." I smiled back at him. It was a great comeback on my be-half. 

"Well at least I don't run like an elephant". I Looked at him in shock. Did he just call me an elephant? He started laughing, obviously because i looked so shocked. And once again he lent down and kissed me.
For the rest of the afternoon we lay at the end of the wharf, our feet in the water, talking, laughing, and occasionally kissing.

"Hey babe, what time is it? we still havent had dinner." He announced after what seemed like forever. I looked at my phone as my stomach rummbled. It was 9:34pm. He was peeking over my should so he sighed when he saw the time. 

"I think we should go eat something" He half stood up before he realised his feet where still in the water. As I lent up a bit i heard a big splash and watched as Patrick went face first into the lake. I must have sat there laughing for a few minutes before I tried helping him out. as i was pulling, he pulled harder, dragging me into the water with him, I landed on him, me laughing the whole way down.

When we both emerged he wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, as he started swimming towards the surface. As he felt the ground beneath his feet he started walking a bit until i could touch the ground, because I was about 1 foot shorter than him. When we both started walking up the beach and back onto the wharf, I realised he actually wasn't walking. I turned around to look at him but he wasn't on the wharf either. I looked at the water, and realised he had stopped there.  

"What are you waiting for? C'mon I'm hungry!" I smiled at him, holding out my hand towards him. 

"Ithinkiminlovewithyouemily" He whispered, in a huge rush. 

I laughed at him. "ahaha what was that and speak SLOWLY!" I laughed. 

'Emily Jane Winchester. I-I-I.. I'm in love with you" he whispered a bit loudly, just loud enough for me to hear. 

I took in a sharp breath. Did he just say that? What do i say? Do I love him back? 


That's when I knew.

I knew i fell in love.


I fell in love on the wharf. 



Just thinking about it brought tears to my eyes. Almost 3 years ago was when we started dating & 2 and a half years ago we fell in love. It was 8 months ago when it all came crashing down. 

I sighed, and took my foot off of the wharf. I wasn't ready. I just wasn't ready to face the fact that he died on this wharf. I just wasn't ready to sit at the end. I wasn't ready to fall in love with him all over again at the thought.

I am no where near ready to face the fact that i'm the reason he's not alive. 

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