Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


8. There's a first for Everything

It's been about 2 weeks since I've been out of hospital and I haven't spoken to Zayn the entire time. He's completely avoided me and to make it worse, he's been hanging out with Vicky. He also quit the band because he was serious about what he told me. I went to a band practice with Harry because he wanted to take me home and Zayn just walked out and quit. Talk about ignorance.
Me and Harry have been hanging out very day for the past 2 weeks though. He stayed with me the two nights I stayed at the hospital and he's just never left my side.
Niall has been sick, not to the extent that he would have to go to the hospital, but he can't come to school.
Louis recently got offered a modeling job but rejected it because, "One Direction is the only direction for me!" It was funny because he gave the evilest eye contact to Zayn.
Liam has been really kind to me too. He's like a brother to me, so loving and caring. I love these boys so much.

It's Friday and the Easter weekend starts tomorrow. I'm spending the long weekend with none other but Mr Styles and the boys.

"Hey Alex! Can I talk to you?" Louis and Liam came running up to me, "we can't make it this weekend. Is that okay? Just you, Harry and Niall?"
"That's fine boys!"
"Thanks Al!" They wondered off rather cheerfully. BUZZ. I received a text.

Message: Hey Al! I can't make it this wkend sorreh! xo

I have no credit to reply but I guess it's fine. I spot Harry waiting for me at the gates of the school. "Heeey Alex!"
"Harry! So, have you spoken to the boys?"
"Yeah, none of them could make it. So it's just us two. Is that okay?"
"Yeah. Um, I guess it's gonna be a change of plans then? What do you want to do?" We had plans for the five of us to drive up tithe beach and Liam was driving.
"Yeah, I was gonna ask. Alex, lets go on a date?" He had the cutest smile, staring at me with his head to a slight angle, curls perfectly running down his face.
"We could go out to a movie or something?"
"Sure. Why not?" I smiled at Harry and we walked to his car. "When are we going?"
"I'll drop you home, go get ready and pick you up around 5?" Harry laughed. He really had the planned out.
"Sounds great. You know, this is would be my first actual date."
"Really? Same. I've never had the guys to ask anyone out." Harry laughed. He sounded nervous although we were just driving, something we do together on a daily basis.

As we pulled up to the front of my house, Harry stopped me. He didn't say anything, he just stared into my eyes. His deep hazel eyes sent me into a trance. I broke the eye contact and walked into my house. Harry slowly drove away.

I bolted into my room with my mind racing again. What just happened? Did Harry just ask me out? What am I going to wear? I'm so nervous, this is my first date an it's with Harry, we've become so close and I don't want him to think I'm weider then he already thinks I am. I raced to the shower, I decided I'll look for clothes when I'm not sweaty.
I took half an hour in the shower and looked at the time when I got out, "4:17?! SHIT!" I need to hurry. I literally throw my clothes all around my room. Nothing! I had about 14 jean shorts, all different colours or skinny jeans. Maybe tights? Or 3 quarter jeans? How about a pretty little skirt? It's just the movies but still, I should try to look half decent. I rumadge through my shirts. Nope, nope, nope. I looked back at the time, "4:34?! I'm still naked!" I ended up picking out a black and white dress. The entire dress was white with a black collar, a tiny black belt at the waist and had a black lace pattern in the back, revealing my skin from my shoulders to about half way down my back.
Hair. How do I do my hair?! I French braided the back and tied my hair into a high ponytail. I heard a beep coming from outside and looked at the time, 4:56. I chucked on my black an white vans, grabbed a cropped maroon leather jacket and tan out the door.

I jumped in the car and woah. Harry. He was in a loose white shirt with a little pocket, sleeves folded up, he had black skinny jeans on and a greenish beanie, complimenting his eyes. He reminds me so much if Zayb, ugh. But Harry defiantly rocks this look better.
"Woah." Harry stares at me. "You look stunning!"
I think I'm blushing, I can't feel anything at this point, just look at him! "You don't look too bad yourself." I comment on Harry.
"Well, I guess you're dressed appropriately, we aren't just going to the movies." Harry winked and started the car.
"REALLY?! Where are we going?!" My hearts racing for no reason.
"You'll see when we get there." Harry winked at me and drove off.

About half an hour later Harry pulled into a Japanese restaurant, the name was in Japanese so I couldn't read it and Harry couldn't translate it either. "We're here." Harry stated. We took me inside and it was beautiful. There was a waterfall as the back wall, cherry blossoms everywhere, bamboo decorations and mahogany tables and seats covered with a salmon coloured pillow. They weren't chairs though, they were cushion looking things in which you could kneel on.
"Harry..." I was speechless.
"Don't talk love, just follow me." We went into another room, more private. We had our own sous chef waiting for us at a stove in te middle of a table. We had actual chairs, yes! Harry pulls out my chair, "here, sit down." I sat down and afte Harry pushed me in, he sat next to me and nodded his head to the chef and as if he could read Harry's mind, the chef began to cook. Harry was quiet, he was very gentle too, I could feel it. He was starring at me most of the time, smiling, with his curls tucked into his beanie, he stared ad smiled.
After 10 minutes, the chef served us out food and left the room. We both had sushi, satay peanut chicken and salad. We took about 20-30 minutes to eat, and Harry rushed us both out, still quiet. What's up with this boy?
"Shh." He placed his finger upon my lips. "Don't talk, just yet love." We hope in the car and Harry took us for another drive. We started to go up an incline and it was getting dark so I couldn't see. We stopped. "Alex." He spoke.
"Yes, Harry?"
"I need to tell you something, it's quite awkward for me to tell you, but I feel I must."
"Carry on.." I'm 100 times nervous then I was half an hour ago.
"Alex, I really li.. lov. I really like you, to the extent of loving you. I can't get you out of my mind and I don't want to sound strange, but the boys consider me a stalker."
I wasn't catching his drift. I honestly don't believe him. The way we act together doesn't compute.
"You're silence isn't saying much, Alex. Please, talk to me."
"Harry I don't know what to say though."
"Mmk." We sat in an awkward silence for a couple of minutes.
"Achoo!" I sneezed and covered my face, as I uncovered my ace and removed my hands, Harry got very close. Within 3 seconds I could feel his hot breath on my face, then his soft lips touched mine and we were in a lock. I was in shock, but I loved the feel of this, so I closed my eyes and kissed back. Harry held my neck and pulled me closer to him, kissing me more an more passionately. He took off his and my seatbelt and brought me over to his side of the car, I'm on his lap with my arms around his neck. His hands had slowly moved down to my waist and he loosened his seat. We fell back with the seat and he released my lips. That was my first kiss, it was.. perfect.

I sat up on Harry's lap and he continued to lay down on the seat, biting his lips. I was touching mine, that was so unreal. We sat in that position, awkwardly, for who knows how long, just admiring each other until I went back to my seat. Harry got up and fixed his chair, ds his seatbelt up and drove off.
It was a long ride home.
When we got to my house, Harry walked me to the door. As I unlocked the door, Harry leaned in the doorframe and his face came flying at me. He kissed me again, pushing me into my house, kicking the front door closed. Harry carried me into the lounge room and threw me onto the couch. He took off his top and jumped on top of me, groping me where is never been touched by another before. Harry pulled up my dress, still kissing me, and slowly pulled down his pants. Soon, he was naked and he ripped off my underwear. My dress was at my waist, and soon enough so was Harry, placing light kisses upon my waist and lower and lower and lower. My hands were clenched tightly around a lock of his curls and his beanie fell off. I dont know what else to do, Harry came back up to my face and whispered, "if you feel uncomfortable at any point in time, babe, simply say the word stop and I will."
I felt.. "UUH." I know for certain I didn't want Harry to stop. Threads of pleasure slid down my legs, into every toe... it suffused me.

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