Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


13. The Tommo Knows All

After what happened yesterday I couldn't go home and I felt so bad that I couldn't tell Harry. I slept over Niall's for the night, and maybe for the next few. I recieved about 21 missed calls from Harry, 5 from Louis and 7 from Liam. Niall's amazing, he told them he hadn't seen me, but I feel like I'm going on a guilt trip.
I told Niall everything, from mine and Harry's date to the text messages. We have a suspect list of one; Vicky. She was in Harry's first lecture yesterday and she left class early, after that she hadn't been seen all day. Niall promised to keep shut, or else! Aha, he knows I'm full of empty threats. I can trust this boy with my life!

It's 7am on a Wednesday giving me heaps of time to go home and get ready for another wasteful day of bullshit. I walked home, Niall only lived four doors down from me and I felt safe enough. From his house though, I could see a car out front of mine, Harry? I bolted home and inside, my door was unlocked. I ran around the house like a maniac, "HARRY, HARRY?!" Where is this boy?!
"AL!" I almost had a heart attack! Luckily he's here and very much alive!
"Harry!" I ran up to him and jumped on him, he bear hugged me with his eyes shut.
"Alex, where have you been?! You scared me to death, no one knew where you were and you weren't answering your moblie and.." before he could carry on, a placed a quick kiss on his lips. "Hey!" Harry laughed, "I was worried sick, love!"
"I was fine, I was at... a family members house and my phone was off." I hate lying to him but what else could I do?
"Well, now that I know you're safe, I'll let the boys know. Oh, and I have to run home. Do you need a ride to school?"
"No thanks Harry. I'll be fine."

Having 2 hours to get ready just isn't enough for a girl! It took me 2 and a half hours to get ready, none the less, I look like shit. it's cold so I threw on a pair of camo tights, a plain black top and Harry's beanie he left behind on the weekend. My day is actually going pretty well, nice and chill.
Spoke too soon, have I?

From: Unkown
Message: i wont be at school today, lucky girl. watch your back though, i have people around still watching you. :)


I'll be alert, but I guess that can't ruin my day.

Running to school, I missed my first lecture and got there during lunch. Well, my lunch anyways. I was walking down the corridoor, blasting music through my headphones, really not giving a shit about anything. I'm in a good mood today and I don't want to spoil it.
"OWWW!" I swung my arm to hit who ever approached me.
"BOO!" Someone had yelled after jumping on me.
"What?! LOUIS!" Ugh, Louis!
"Hey Al! Why so jumpy aye?" We winked and laughed.
"Not because you didn't jump on me or anything!" I laughed and playfully jabbed him on his shoulder.
"Ouch!" Louis played along. "So seriously, you've been acting up lately. What's up?" He gave me a very serious look, for about 5 seconds until he started laughing.
"Nothing's wrong! I swear." I laughed back.
"Oh whatever! Something's been bugging you, I can see it in your eyes!" He shoved his face into mine, starring into my eyes with a questioning look.
I pushed him away, laughing, "I'm fine, Louis."
"Alex. I am a psychic. I know someone has been scaring you. Not face to face, but through a form of... messaging." He twirled his fingers in a magestic mannor.
How did he know? Just deny everything. "Louis, no one has been annoying or scaring me." I tried to be serious.
"Don't lie."
"Don't lie Alex, or this friendship is over!" He snapped his fingers.
"I'm not."
"We are not friends anymore, Alex!" He started to stomp away. Ugh, Louis, why must you do this to me?!
"LOUIS WAIT!" He turned around and smirked. "Come back."
"Yeeees?" He walked back.
"How did you know?"
"Know what?" He raised an eyebrow.
"All of.. that? About the person scaring me?"
"The Tommo knows all!" He started to laugh evily. "But who is it?" He pulled a straight face.
"Not sure, an unkown number has been texting me."
"Does Harry know?"
"I don't want to tell him. I don't want him to be concerned."
"He already is concerned!"
"I know, he always is. I just don't want him to worry anymore then he is."
"Can I see the messages?"
"Don't tell Harry, please Louis. I'm really trusting you right now."
"Hmm.. fine! I swear!"
I showed Louis the messages, "It's nothing.. bad. It's just weird and really.. stalkerish. I've been jumpy because I'm staying alert! I really don't want to get hurt. Or hurt anyone else."
"Alex, please. Tell Harry, he's your boyfriend, he has to know!"
"Niall knows. He's my bestfriend, he can protect me too. Although nothings gonna happen!"
"Alright.." Louis looked at me in a suspicous mannor, and slowly walked away. Pointing from his eyes to me, indicating that he was watching me.


From: Unkown
Message: smart not telling harry, but can you really trust louis?

From: Unkown
Message: harry sent louis to ask you

From: Unkown
Message: niall cant protect you either

From: Unkown
Message: no one can, if they dont know who i am!


I'm not letting this get to me, I'm gonna have a perfect day!
I started to walk to class as the bell was ringing. I had drama. Great, Vicky and Zayn. Still won't ruin my day though, it's my last drama lesson ever! I'm dropping all subjects that had Vicky in it, better to be safe then sorry. I'll have 3 less classes, leaving me with Hospitality, Art, Music and Dance. My favourites!
I got to drama and noticed straight away Zayn was sitting by himself, meaning.. Vicky wasn't there, supporting my theory that this person texting me.. is her! 


From: Unkown
Message: stay away from zayn in drama

From: Unkown
Message: or else there will be drama


Oh Vicky, you stupid bitch.

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