Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


9. The Morning After

What happened last night?!
I feel.. dirty.
Harry is..
Well, Harry was..
I just.

I opened and adjusted my eyes. I was still on the couch, with Harry squished next to me. I hate myself, what happened last night shouldn't have happened. This is all moving way too quickly, what happened to the girl that wouldn't go there until at least a year into a relationship? or marriage. I went from my first date, to my first kiss, to my first.. no. Nothing happened. Ugh, I can't tell myself that. I'm gonna be sick, or force myself to vomit at the least.

"Harry?" I whisper to see if he's awake. He doesn't answer or nudge, he's still asleep. Good. I quickly sat up and ran to the bathroom in my room. I had to clean myself. Am I over exaggerating? I don't think so. Maybe I should stop thinking.
I jumped into the shower an sat there, on the floor, I waited and sat. In tears. I feel sick. I got out of the shower, wrapped myself in a towel and sat in front of the toilet, ew. Shoving my fingers down my throat, my forced myself to up chuck everything and anything from last night.

"Alex?" I can hear my name being called. Just go away, I don't want to see you. Who am I kidding? I really do. Harry's everything I've always wanted. We've merely touched the basis of getting to know each other over the past two weeks but there's something about that curly headed freak that... attracts me? "Alex are you okay?" Go away. No, come upstairs, I need you. I need you to fuck off. Wait. Ugh.
I quickly washed my hands and face, got dressed and ran to the lounge room.
"Harry?" I whispered, trying to cover up the fact I was crying moments ago.
"Alex, love, are you okay?" He tilted his head and looked at me. Don't look at me like that.
"Fine." Sniffling, he doesn't believe me.
"Don't lie. Please." His face was so concerned and his voice made it worse, it reminds me of the day he saved me from Vicky and took me to hospital. The day when Zayn.. no stop. There you go again, thinking about him. You're over him, Alex.

I start to bawl and I fall to the ground. I want my mum. I want my Niall. I want Zayn back. I want Harry again. My life is so contradicting. Remember Alex, when you had your mum she was a total bitch. Niall isn't emotionally ready for you to break down with. Zayn is out of your life now and Harry, just..
"Alex!" Harry almost yelled in concern as he dropped to the floor with me and wrapped his arms around me. "What's wrong?!"
"I don't even know." I not lying. I don't know why I'm crying, people have reasons to cry and they don't. They're strong, and with take everything thrown at them. I remember when my mum thought I lost my virginity at the age of 13, she yelled at me, calling me a slut and a whore and a slut. She didn't believe anything I said, I tried telling her the truth, but she didn't listen. She disowned me. From that moment on my mum had thrown the words 'slut' an 'whore' and 'tramp' and all words of that nature. I guess my mum scared me out of having sex. I got used to it though, I didn't care what she said, I loved her. I've never loved anyone as much as my mum, she was everything to me.
"Al.." Harry's soft voice brought me back reality.
"Ye-ye-yeah.." I tried to stop crying, but thinking of how much I missed my beloved mother made things that much worse.
"Shhhh... it's okay." Harry caressed my hair, stroking through it softly. "Tell me what's wrong."
"It's it's just li-li- life. Idk." I stop crying, but the stuttering wouldn't stop.
Harry kissed my forehead, "life is fine. There are hard days, but lets try not to make this one a 'hard' day." He picked my head up, looked me in the eyes and smiled. "Come. Lets go to Starbucks for brekky!" His face lit up, attempting to make me smile he tickled my stomach and stood up, offering me his hand.
I guess I really was over exaggerating.

We went out to Starbucks, Harry was wearing the same clothes as last night minus the beanie plus a leather jacket. From the car ride here to Starbucks, from ordering to eating, Harry never let go of my hand. I never hesitated not to clench onto his hand, too.
We had walked out of Starbucks and Harry wanted to walk to the shopping centre which was about a 5 minute walk, so we did. Harry. Harry. Harry. Har-Zayn? As we got to the shops, I saw Zayn with Vicky?! They were holding hands, and hugging, and ew, making out. I felt sick to my stomach, yet again. I'm not the jealous type but that is LOW. How could he do that to me?! I mean, we weren't friends or never really were but he knows what she did and what she's capable of! I looked up at Harry and he looked angry, indicating he had spotted them too. We were walking toward them until Harry pulled my arm, "lets go this way." He tried to smile, I guess he was hoping I hadn't seen Zayn and Vicky.
"Why? We're perfectly fine walking this way." I smiled, and dragged Harry. He had let go of my hand and wrapped his arm around my waist, putting his hand in the side pocket of my red jean shorts. "Is everything okay?" I asked.
"Perfect." His eyes searching as Zayn and Vicky slowly got covered up by a crowd. "Damn." He whispered under his breath.
"It's okay, I already saw them."
"I can't believe he would do that. Little shit."
"He's okay. Just don't worry about them. You haven't worried the past two weeks." I point out.
"Yeah, but he wasn't going out with.. her!" Harry scowled. We continued to walk aimlessly until a familiar face popped out if the crowd.
"Yo Hazza! Vas happenin?!" I recognize that voice, that phrase.
"Piss off." Harry whispered under his breath, an a sneaky side smirk came upon his face.
"Hey!" Zayn yelled, smiling as he approached us with that thing. My skin trembles.
"Hey Zayn, it's been a while. A long while." Harry tries to be nice, I can see that in his eyes there's a firing rage that wants to destroy Zayn.
"Yeeah." Everyone's awkward. They shouldn't have come up to us.
"So are you two like, erm, a thinggg?" Vicky asked. How about don't fucking talk?
"Erm.." Harry slowly unwrapped his arm from my waist. Vicky noticed and had an evil smirk on her ugly face.
"YES!" I quickly interrupted and grabbed onto Harry's hand, "we are." Harry looked at me, he was confused at first, but he smiled and went along with it.
"Oh, for how long exactly?" Zayn asked.
"It was something we slowly fell into." I reply, I honesty guess this is really what had happened.
"Oh." Zayn looked jealous. I don't know, I don't feel like a bad person, but I hope he does. "Maybe we should do something together sometime? Double date?" The nerve of some people. Seriously! You can't steal a girls heart, basically call her a fucking liar while she's in hospital and go out with the reason she needed medical attention in the first place! No! The face inside of me just built up, Harry looked at me and could see it straight away.
"No, I don't think that's a good idea mate." Harry jumped in, giving Vicky the evil look, then looking at Zayn and shaking his head. "You've been on a roll though, of bad ideas. Haven't you?" Harry smirked, wrapped his arm back around my waist and walked us both away.

I love him. Harry, that is. Honestly.
We had walked about 20 meters away from Zayn and his thing, until Harry stopped again looked at me and we just cracked up laughing. Harry squeezed me in his arms, still laughing and as he released me, I went for it. I kissed him. I couldn't take it.
"Thank you, Harry. I legitimately do love you!"
He smiled, "so what happened back there, what you said.. what is this that we have?"
"Whatever you want us to have, Mr Styles." I smiled and gazed into his eyes.
"Alex, love, would you be my girlfriend?" He chuckled and smiled.
"Yes, love, I would." I smiled back at him.

We walked randomly around the shops together for another hour, (give or take some time), until we left because of boredom. Harry dropped me off back home and went he went back to his place so he could clean up a bit. I was left with a kiss goodbye and his beanie, lying on the couch.
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