Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


27. That Night (P.O.V's)

NOTE: This chapter has quite a few P.O.V's. If it's too long, I'm sorry, it's just so everyone can understand what's happening etc. Also, unless stated, other chapters after this is in Alex's P.O.V. (:

Alex's POV -

As soon as I got home, I called Niall. She said he's call me back in 5 because it was cheaper calling from Ireland to Australia. 
"What's up Al?" He sounded worried. 
"I just really need someone to talk to, someone who can make me feel.. safe and secure." 
"Has something happened?" 
"Mm, something small." 
"Alex, you sound scared, talk to me!" Niall insisted. 
"Well, you remember those texts I was getting before, from an unknown number?" 
"Yes! Has she been texting you again? Alex, do you need help?" 
"No. Well, no. I found out who had been sending the texts, it was two girls I'd never seen before, but they're obviously fans of Zayn."  
"What? Who? Tell me everything!" 
"Well, it's Harry's new girlfriend; Esther, the one I was telling you about before and this other girl named Claire.." 
"Harry's girlfriend? Why would she do that to you then go out with Harry? It doesn't make sense!" Niall laughed, "Wait, I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh it isn't a laughing matter!" I could tell he was trying to pull a straight face through the phone, he's so cute. 
"I don't know, but they're being really suspicious. I was at the hospital visiting Zayn and they had left a note on my car." 
"What did it say?" I read him the letter, "Alex, don't worry. Nothing's going to happen." 
"Niall, I'll admit I am quite scared. I don't want anything to happen to well.. anyone!" 
"Alex.." Niall spoke kindly, "You'll be fine and so will everyone else, you know why? Because I'll protect you. I won't ever let anything happen to you and I assure you. I know there was that one time I wasn't there, but I can't forgive myself for what happened to you. I know I'm all the way in Ireland right now, but I'll still be the wing over you to keep you safe." 
"Thank you Niall, I love you so much! Your words never fail to keep me happy." 
"I love you too, Al. That's what best friends are for." He giggled, "Well, I'm sorry but I have to go now. I'll talk to you tomorrow!" 
"It's fine, bye Nialler." 
"Bye Alex." 
His words are so comforting and reassuring, I miss that boy so much.


Niall's POV - 

"Thank you Niall, I love you so much! Your words never fail to keep me happy." 
"I love you too, Al. That's what best friends are for." He giggled, "Well, I'm sorry but I have to go now. I'll talk to you tomorrow!" 
"It's fine, bye Nialler." 
"Bye Alex."  
I hope she's okay. The love I have for that girlie is too much to handle. If anything ever happened to her again whilst I couldn't be there for her, I don't know what I'd do. 'I love you so much', those words keep ringing through my mind, she's perfect. Honestly I sometimes wonder what it would be like if we were more then friends. I remember one time in year 7 I tried to ask her out, she said no and her excuse was that she didn't want to destroy the friendship we had built over the past how many years. 
"Niall, who was that?" My mother called out. 
"'twas Alex, mum." I smiled. 
"Well, once you're ready make sure you get ready for church, love." 
"Okay mum!" I felt my cheeks and they were hot, and I was smiling like an idiot because 'I love you so much'.


Claire's POV (the red head from the hospital, lol) -

Me and Esther ran back to our car, parked on the other side of the hospital. Shit! That was so close, I can't believe she caught us! Well, almost. 
"Come Claire! We need to got to Harry's!" Esther yelled at me.
"What for?" 
"I need to do some things!" She roared at me with an angry voice.
"Okay.." Sometimes I feel like I'm just here to do Esther's dirty work. I remember a couple of months ago she wanted me to bash this girl named Alex but I didn't want to so she got a girl named Vicky to do it. After that she got Vicky to bullshit to Zayn about Alex and Zayn ended up dating Vicky which made Esther more pissed. Esther had to get Vicky out of the picture so she got into Zayn's head and tried to make Zayn fall for her, which didn't work, it only showed Zayn how much he wanted Alex. So she got me to start texting Alex as 'unknown', forcing her to keep her distance from Zayn and Alex thought it was Vicky. Later on Esther wanted to get into bed with Harry, she didn't want to date him or anything, so she had to break Alex and Harry up. She did so by forcing me into editing photos of Alex and Zayn together. Now she wants Zayn again, but Alex is dating him and she had no other choice but to start dating Harry to make Alex jealous. Right now she's practically black mailing Harry into dating her. See, Esther edited some photos of Harry of him with other people and she knows Harry's deepest, darkest secret.. in which I know nothing about. 
"Claire hurry!" Esther barked at me like the dog she is, without me she would be no where. Sometimes I feel like I should just stop socializing with her, but I have a soft spot for her poor soul. 


Esther's POV -

"Come Claire! We need to got to Harry's!" I hurried Claire.
"What for?" 
"I need to do some things!" She's always questioning me, so I answer in a devilish tone. 

When we got to Harry's I had to yell at Claire to hurry. We couldn't be seen here after what just happened. About a week ago I was at this quadruple date with Harry trying to get my hands on Zayn. Claire had snuck some stuff into Zayn's food to make him chock, so I could be the hero and save my baby. Well, that didn't go so well. Zayn had an allergic reaction and his throat started to swell, apparently whatever Claire had put into Zayn's food had a really strong food poisoning on it. We could've killed him, imagine that. Harry has no idea though, he thinks I really like him and that I'm forcing him into dating me because I'm a stalker or something. Poor Harry, he's so gullible. 

"Harry!" I rushed into his house when he opened the front door to me and Claire. 
"Woah, what's.." 
"No time. Come." I demanded and Harry shut the door, "How did Alex find out she could visit Zayn?" I raised an eye brow to Harry. Only me, Claire and Harry knew he was allowed visitors, for the past four days even. 
"I don't.." 
"Bullshit! Who told her?" 
"It was Louis." Harry shook his head at me. 
"We're going to have to result to plan B."
"Plan B?" Harry and Claire looked at me. I raised an eye brow and they gave me a disappointing look, it was my only chance. Have you not liked someone so much, to the extent that you can't stop checking their facebook page? Or you can't stop thinking about those times where you actually had the honor to talk to them? You can't stop thinking about what you could say to them next and when to say it, but in the end you never even say it? Have you ever liked someone so much that it basically broke your heart when they go out with another person even though they weren't truly yours? Well, that's how I feel and it kills me everyday to see Zayn with Alex.


Harry's POV -

I'm sick of Esther. I'm sick of her jealousy over Alex. I'll admit, I'm jealous over the fact that Zayn has the one who once and still owns my heart but I would never do anything to the one I love. What she did to Zayn was wrong, she poisoned him. If she really loved him, she wouldn't have done that. I would happily take a bite out of a poisonous apple before it gets into sight of Alex. It pains me to see her so sad about Zayn.
I'm dating Esther because she has things against me. I don't want to be with her, I've never liked her; matter of fact, no one does. Louis and Alex hates her attitude and guts, Liam hates her attitude and Zayn has no interest in her so I don't see why she even bothers.

Esther and her friend Claire came rushing over to my house, angry because Alex went to see Zayn. I told Louis to tell Alex she could visit and I told Liam someone changed the emergency contact. I couldn't tell Alex myself because I didn't want to cause anymore dramas, I know I've caused one by letting her know but as I said, I couldn't see her hurt. Esther was blabbering about complete bullshit and I zoned out until she said,
"We're going to have to result to plan B."
"Plan B?" I, as well as Claire questioned. If she does anything too extreme, I'm not going to go along with her little tricks. I have to let Alex and Zayn know what's happening, even at my own risk of Esther leaking fake pictures and real secrets about me. I can't take it.


Zayn's POV -

There's this really pretty girl that volunteers here at the hospital. She's always checking up on me, I think her name is Claire. She's been my only visitor for the past week, not even Alex has come and she should know she can come. I got told she was listed as my emergency contact and they told me they'd call her for me.
Claire was here visiting, yet again. She just watches me and stares out the door, then watches me some more. Then her phone will ring and she'll leave without saying anything. She's been watching me for the past hour or so, until her phone rang and she left, this time saying, "I'll be back soon, with another girl too. She's a volunteer." And she left. Moments after Alex came!
"ALEX!" I tried screaming, but because my throat hurts, I think it was a whisper.
"Shh, Zayn." She smiles, clearing stating she knows I shouldn't be talking. She walks over and kisses my lips, how I've missed the soft touch of her lips. I tried to pull her onto the bed but she restrained and as Claire walked into the room I let her go.
"Oh, wrong room, sorry." Claire mumbled and left, this wasn't the wrong room. She didn't interrupt anything really, why'd she leave? Maybe I accidently gave her an evil look because she was the reason there was nothing to interrupt. An hour or so later she returned and I tried smiling at her but she quickly left again once she noticed Alex was still there.
"What was that about?" I tried to laughing.
Alex gave him the evils because I shouldn't be talking and I mouthed 'Sorry'.
"I don't know, I don't even know who that is." I nodded awkwardly. Half an hour later Alex had to leave.

It was 5 o' clock, time for my final check up of the day, but Claire didn't turn up. Strange. I decided to do my own quick check up, I walked into the bathroom and looked at my neck and throat. It was still a bit swollen. I had ingested a lethal food poisoning and I'm lucky to be alive. An hour later Claire still hadn't shown up, so I decided just to go to sleep. I've been really drowsy the past couple of days, but I know tonight I'll have sweet dreams about my baby girl, Alex.

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