Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


17. Tell Me..

"Alex, Alex, Alex wake up babe. Alex." I felt someone slightly nudging me, whispering my name.
"Hm, wha-what?" I slowly gained consciousness and opened my eyes.
"You awake, babe?"
"Erm.." I widened my eyes, "ZAYN?!" I woke up, half naked on the floor of his bedroom. WHAT?!
"Er, yeah?" He laughed.
"Well, you came over last night because I had a party and you were gonna leave and.."
"NOT THAT FAR BACK, I mean.. with us?!" I was frustrated and started to almost hyperventilate.
"Oh, well.."
"Fucking. We."
"We were.."
"No. No no no no no. No, we didn't."
"Don't be in denial, babe." Zayn stood up, he was naked, I quickly covered my eyes.
"This isn't happening."
"Oh, it is."
"Harry.." I started to tear up, "How could I do this to Harry?"
"Harry who? Styles?" Zayn laughed, "You don't need that kid, he's just a curly headed freak."
"He's MY curly headed freak."
"You were MY freak last night." He winked at me.
"No. Shut up." I scanned the room for my clothes, "Where are my clothes?"
"Here." He walked to the other side of the room, gathered my clothes and gave them to me.
"I need to go."
"Go where babe?"
"Stop.. calling me babe. I need to go home."
"Why? You can stay here if you like."
"No, I need to find Harry."
"Why have him, when you can have me?"
"I don't want you. I never have and never will. I swear Zayn, if you try to stop me from leaving AGAIN I will kick you so hard your dick will fall off." I gave him the dirtiest look and walked to the bathroom to get dressed.
"So, what are you gonna tell Harry?"
"I'll tell him I was with family."
"Lie? Just tell him the truth." Zayn grinned.
"I can't hurt him. And if you tell him, I will cut your dick off."
"Oh, bite me babe. Like you did last night." Zayn winked again.
"Ugh, leave me alone. Leave me and Harry alone."
"Don't worry hun, your secret is safe with me."
I ran out of Zayn's house, avoiding stepping on people that slept where ever they dropped. There were people over clothed to half naked sleeping from the floors to the stairs to the toilet. Gross.


I bolted from Zayn's place back to mine which was a good 20 minute run, slimmed down to 13 minutes. I was out of breath and could barely unlock my door. My keys were jingling, "FUCK!" Hurry Alex, unlock the door. Harry's car was still out front, meaning I could catch him. Maybe he hasn't woken up and I can hide in my room and pretend I was home all night. I finally got my keys into the door and ran inside, I couldn't see Harry. He's woken up. I snuck around the house to find no one.
"HARRY?" I called out, no answer. Where could he be? I went to pull out my phone to text him.. wait. Where's my phone? I rustled my hand through my pocket, "SHIT!" I said aloud. I must have left it at Zayn's. I ran from my bedroom to the kitchen to use the home phone to call Zayn.
"Alex?" I hear a soft whisper coming from behind me.
"Harry.." I don't turn around.
"Where have you been?" He's still whispering.
"I.. I.. went to visit family?" I questioned myself.
"Don't lie to me."
"Not? You're not? Yes you are. Please just tell me the truth. Please tell me you went to Zayn's party, please tell me everything that happened, Alex." His voice started to raise with fury, "TELL ME ALEX. I WANT THE TRUTH FROM YOU. TELL ME YOU DECEIVED ME, TELL ME YOU CHEATED ON ME. I WANT YOU TO FUCKING TELL ME YOU FUCKED ZAYN LAST NIGHT, ALEX."
I turned to Harry, to see him standing there, his face red with his head tilted, drowning in tears.
"Harry I.."
"TELL ME ALEX." His face lifted, his eyes gawking at me with a fierce force.
"Harry no."
"But Harry it.." I started to feel water run down my face.
"HARRY PLEASE LISTEN TO ME!" I started to cry harder.
"LISTEN TO WHAT? Bullshit lies and excuses? You trying to reason with me? You trying to make yourself sound like little miss goody two shoes?" Harry's tears were streaming down his face at a faster pace.
"I'm sorry."
"Yeah, me too." Harry turned and walked away. I followed him and grabbed his arm, he pulled away. "I'm really sorry."

He walked out the door.

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