Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


22. Suit and Tie

AUTHORS NOTE: This isn't twilight, but I think it's the cutest how you guys are doing the Team Zayn/Team Harry thing. I can't believe you're all Team Zayn though! Aha, anyways, I hope you enjoy the story, I don't know where it's going but yeah I want it to continue so I kinda keep putting more and more cliff hangers and complications. xx 


Me and Zayn haven't been as close as me and Harry were in the beginning of our relationship. We seem really open to each other, but there are almost too many secrets. We aren't a couple that's constantly holding hands or kissing or hugging, a lot of people wouldn't actually guess that we're sorta together now. I mean it's only been a week but still, I'm pretty sure people should well I don't know, be able to see we're together. People are still flirting with Zayn and I don't get jealous because there's no need to, but I'm sick of getting interrupted by annoying sluts who look down on me. They basically push me around because they think they're all high and mighty and think try actually have a chance with him.

It's my birthday today, the 14th of May, I'll be turning 19. Wow, terrific, I tell myself in the most sarcastic voice imaginable. My phone wouldn't stop going off so I turned it off, although I hadn't heard from Zayn yet.. nor Harry. He might not call, but Zayn said he'd call for sure. 
*Knock knock*
I heard light tapping on the door, I didn't want visitors today, especially randoms from school who pretend to know me until they find out I'm not having a party so they don't talk to me for another year or so. I looked out the peep hole and no one was there? I opened the door slowly and stepped outside. 
"HAPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!" Niall had come from around the corner and jumped on me, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ALEEEEX, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!" He started laughing, gave my 19 birthday punches and a classic Horan hug. 
"Aw, Nialler! Thank you bestie!" I laughed and dragged Niall inside. 
"So, you busy tonight?" 
"Nah, I didn't want to plan anything really." 
"You should come out with me and the boys to dinner! It's a formal dinner, nice and well.. formal for your birthday." 
"Really? If it's fine I might tag along." 
"It's F I N E." Niall had a wide smile on his face, bouncing up and down on the chair, "Oh well, I just came to say happy birthday, I have to get home. Dinner's at 6, but I'll pick you up at 5, it's quite a drive there." Niall jumped up and I stood up to escort him out. As he walked through the front door he flamboyantly skipped down the street to his house. He's so cute, I'm gonna miss him when he goes!

I lazy'd around all day. My day consisted of food and my favourite movies, 'Finding Nemo', 'Brother Bear' and 'The Lion King'. *Knock knock* 
Wait, is it 5 already? I checked the time, it was only 4:20. I opened the door, it was Zayn! 
"ALEX VAS HAPPENIN HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!" He stomped through my door, lifted me up off the floor, wrapped his arms around me and spun around. 
"Thanks baby!" I was really happy he was here. I straight away noticed though he wasn't in his normal bad boy attire, he was more formal. "What's with the get up?" He was in black skinny jeans still, but had a long sleeve white button up accompanied by a silk tie and a tuxedo jacket. 
"I want to take you with me out to dinner." He smiled and put me on the kitchen counter, placing 19 'birthday kisses' all over my face, completely ignoring my lips. Rude! 
"Oh.. really?"
"Yes." He smiled, "So..?" He impatiently waited for my answer. 
"Erm, I'll be back, I gotta go toilet!"

I rushed to the bathroom and called Niall.
"Nialler, is it fine if I go out with Zayn tonight, rather then you guys?" 
"Ditching us for him?" he tried to sound mad, "Just kidding, he was coming with us anyways!" He laughed. 
"Oh, well, I guess Zayn's taking me so you won't have to pick me up!" I quickly hung up so I could rush out to Zayn. I couldn't forget to flush the toilet and wash my hands, so it wasn't suspicious.

"Um, where were we?" 
"Would you like to come out for dinner?" 
"Oh, yeah! Sure." 
"Well you better get ready, we leave in 40 minutes." He smiled and I ran up stairs.

Why was Zayn going out with the boys? Why didn't Niall mention Zayn? And why didn't Zayn mention the boys? This is all so confusing. 
I had a quick shower and ugh, what do I wear to a formal dinner? I grabbed the only 'formal' dress out of my wardrobe which was a slightly fitted black dress that lengths just above/on my knees. I found a pair of black roman sandals with 2cm platforms (I hate heels) and did my hair into a french braided sock bun with a little pink bow (I adore bows!). I grabbed a cardigan and ran, well tripped, to Zayn. 
"Woah." Zayn looked at me, putting his hands on my waist, spinning me around observing my curved hips. "Dat bod." He started to chuckle. 
I think I was blushing, "Shut up.." 
"Well.. erm.. we erm.. have to erm.. uh.."
"Go?" I laughed. 
"Yeah, that." He put his arm out, pointing toward the door, "ladies first." 
We went out to the car and drove to our destination.


As we pulled up to a particularly fancy restaurant named 'ARIA' I noticed the other boys. I wanted to know what was happening so I acted sort of, dumb? 
"Huh, look. It's the boys, how coincidental they'd be here too." 
"Oh, erm.. yeah. I think I may have forgot to mention, I was.. erm, going to be with them too.." 
"That's fine but, why?" 
"Well, believe it or not but erm, I'm sorta back in the erm.. band." Zayn pulled a fake smile. 
"Oh that was unexpected.."
"And another thing, Harry doesn't know we're together, none of them do.." He fake laughed. Great. 
"How long have you been back in the band?"
"The day before the gig, so over a week." 
"Well this makes my life that much less complicated." I grunted. 
"Don't worry, they have no say in your life, so what we're together!" Zayn smiled, a real smile this time. 
"True." I tried to smile as Zayn grabbed my hand and we walked closer to the boys. Harry noticed Zayn hiding me slightly behind him, he gave me a confused look. 'How could you do this? After everything, how?' I could read him so easily. Let's just hope this night goes well, for everyones sake.

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