Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


20. Styles

"What?" Harry questioned, "What do you mean.. what?" He tilted his head.  
"What do you want?" Zayn laughed. 
"Alex." Harry's face was so serious, "I want you to leave her alone." 
"And if I don't?" Zayn smirked. His cockiness was feeding off of Harry's anger. 
"Leave her alone." 
"She doesn't want me to though, Styles." Zayn took two steps toward Harry, making them only inches apart. "What are you gonna do?" 
They stood there in each others presence in silence for about 3 minutes. 
"Nothing?" Zayn laughed and pushing Harry's shoulder and giving him a slight tap on the face before turning around and blowing me a kiss. At that point, Harry's anger extended to maximum opacity and raised his fist and BANG! He punched Zayn right across his jaw, he raised his left arm and hit him again; right in the nose. 
Zayn covered his nose with his hands then removed them revealing blood. Zayn's face turned a plethora of shades of red and yelled, "AH! YOU LITTLE SHIIIIIT!" He extended the 'I' as he rammed into Harry, tackling him to the ground, Harry quickly got up and whilst Zayn was still trying to get up, he kicked Zayn in the stomach, making him drop to the floor again. Harry turned Zayn onto his back and went to punch him again until..
"NO!" I yelled, I grabbed Harry's arm and held it back. I couldn't let this happen, it's too similar to what happened with me and Vicky. I couldn't let Harry scoop to her level. He pulled his arm away from me, and turned his head, staring at me with his blood shot eyes. "Please Harry, don't.." I shook my head lightly and Harry got up. He was shaking. I grabbed a hold of his hands and he tightened them into fists. I wrapped my hands around his and held his knuckles at my lips.

Liam and Niall were at the side of Zayn trying to help him, he didn't want to go to hospital  he didn't feel like he needed to. He just walked off into the dark of the night. Louis had already left with El and Liam and Niall left me and Harry alone, standing under the stars of the theater parking lot.

I was still holding onto his hands, he was still shaking.
"Why?" Harry questioned me. I store straight into his eyes with a blank face. "Why did you stop me?" 
"I-I.. I had to." 
"I just had to." 
"Alex.." He rolled his eyes at me and pulled his hands out of mine, "I'm sick of beating around the bush, just tell me straight up, why you stopped me." Harry backed up and leaned on his car. 
"Because Harry, I couldn't let you scoop to their level. You're better then that." 
"Says you.." Harry's face lifted and looked straight at me, worried, hoping he didn't offend me. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean.."
"It'f fine Harry. But seriously, I shouldn't be talking." I admit, there was no excuse for what I had done. No. I'm not taking blame! Oh, who am I kidding, me being ignorant is what has kept me and Harry apart for so long. 
"No, Alex. It's not fair on you." 
"No Harry, it is. I can admit it now that I was in the wrong and I've just been so confused lately that I couldn't see it. I should have told you the truth and I should have owned up to everything that I had done. It wasn't fair on you and because of me we were apart for so long. Harry, I'm not expecting you to forgive me or take me back but I'm really sorry and I love you. I've been so lost without you and no matter how cheesy this sounds I need you back Harry. I'll tell you whatever you want to know, no more lies; I promise! I'll tell you now that yes, I was at Zayn's and I apologize for betraying you Harry.." 
"Alex stop." He stopped me by placing one finger over my lips, he was smiling. I feel like I've accomplished something, I made him smile. This meant so much to me, I haven't seen him smile like this in ages. "Let's not reminisce on the past too much." He pulled me into his chest and wrapped his arms around me. My arms and my left cheek were pressed against his firm chest, he was so warm. 
"I love you." I whispered to Harry. 
"I'm sorry." He slowly unwrapped his arms. Sorry? 
"For.. what?" I was again, puzzled. 
"Alex, I think it's best we keep this as it is." 
"What do you mean?" 
"I'm sorry." 
He bit his lip, "Alex, we should.. keep this distance between us. You bring out the best in me, but it seems like I bring out the worst in you." 
"No, Harry. You've always brought out the best in me."
He shook his head, "No, Alex."
"Harry, please."
"I guess this is our official, 'break up'." He used air quotations for 'Break Up'. 
"I.." My eyes started watering up, but nothing streamed down my face, "I understand."

I decided to walk away this time. I couldn't take this anymore, this drama with just everything. I can't take this anymore. Life. It's too stressful. And boys..

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