Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


3. Sex on legs

Schools over.

As I exit out if the corridors and into the daylight, I make a slight hissing noise in my head. I haven't been exposed to the sun in about 2 hours and this is what it has come to? I'm pretty useless. Covering my face from the blazing sun (it must have increased 7 degrees to about 37 degrees Celsius within two seconds), I ran into a tall, dark, muscly figure. 'Zayn?' I thought, hopefully in my mind. As I look up, I realize it isn't. It's none other but my best friend, Mr Suave, Mr Niall Horan. Oh how I love this Irish little bugger!
"NIALL!" I almost scream, "I haven't seen you in daaays, where have you been?!"
"Oh, I've been sick." He replied, laughing whilst giving me a hug tighter then his jeans.
"You still sound sick, why are you here?"
"Oh, erm, I came to erm, pick up a friend.." He answered, still deciding whether or not that was his answer.
"Don't lie little boy! Why are you REALLY here, aye?" I give a little wink, and giggle.
"Well, promise me you won't tell anyone?"
"PINKY PROMISE." I quickly reply like the child I am.
"Ahah" he meets my pinky an the promise is made, "well, I'm kinda, sorta in a band." He smiled and tried to change the subject, "so do you hav.."
"WHAAT?! YOU'RE IN A FUCKING BAND?!" My mind is going at 100 miles per hour, questions racing to my mouth, seeing which will make it out first.
"Yes, I'm in a fooking band. Ahaha, and before you ask anyone more questions, it consists of four other guys and we all sing. Can I go now?"
"Oh Niall! That's amazing. I didn't know you could sing, let alone socialize well with others." I say, clearly joking around. "You may go IF I can go with you." I finish with a wide grin on my face.
"Ahah, you may. Now hurry, if we're late Liam will get very mad." We run off back into the school, to the music room.

In a distance I can hear, "Where the hell is Niall? We only have the room for 2 hours and he's 10 minutes late!" The distant voice sounds familiar.

We run into the room, "I'm here, I'm here!" Niall yells at his pissy band members.
"10 years later!" A deep, husky British voice smirked with sarcasm.
"Oh shut it Harreh." Niall defended.
"Who's your girlfriend Irish boy?" Harry questioned with a wide smirk on his face, his dark brown curls being flicked away from his face.
"Oh, I'm not his girlfriend, just a girl-friend." Niall laughed, he understands me.
"Denial eh?" Yet another British accent jumped in, "Niall, you're 10 minutes late and I'm hoping your girlfriend isn't your excuse." I'm guessing that's Liam. He has a buzz cut, although angry, it's accompanied by a welcoming smile. He ruffles Niall's hair and waits patiently for an answer.
"OF COURSE IT IS." How many boys did Niall say there were? Four? Another unfamiliar voice adds to the conversation. It's British, deep but not as deep as the others. I look over and a brunette male stood there. He has a straight face, and perfect hair. It's styled to look sort of spiked. Yeah, very descriptive. "Hi, I'm Louis!" He continued to talk.
"I'm erm, erm.." Again, I've forgotten my name! Ugh!
"That's Alex." A deep British accent interrupts, "and she isn't Niall's girlfriend, boys." He laughs and I can hear his footsteps getting closer. I look and to no surprise, it's him. Mr long, tan and handsome. He's change from what he was wearing before, looking very seductive, he's wearing black skinny jeans, a plain white top and a black leather jacket. Oh my. He licks his lips, obviously for a lip balm, but I would like to think he's trying to get in my pants.
"Oh, Zayn. You're in the band?" That's all I could manage.
"Yes I am actually. I'm the lead." He winks and stands next to Louis, hugging him from the side then letting go as Louis hits his ass.
"Um.." Boys, I just don't understand them. I guess that's why I've never had an actual boyfriend I reality.
"He's not the lead, he's just the wanna-be bad boy!" Liam throws his two cents in.
"He can be my bad boy.. oh shit!" I realize I've just said that aloud.
"Oooh, Zayn! Alex has a thing for bad boys!" Louis winks at him.
"Oh babe, you can have me however you want, whenever you want." He walks over to me and throws his arm around my shoulder, placing a light kiss in my cheek.

There's an awkward silence for a good 4-5 minutes. "Well, I better go. I need to erm, rehearse my, erm, lines for drama tomorrow!" I make a faulty excuse.
"Alex, I already checked the timetable, I realized we don't have drama tomorrow, so it doesn't matter." Zayn chucks another two cents into the barrel.
"Well.." Wait. I just noticed, ZAYN KNOWS MY GOD DAMN NAME. "winning!"
"What?" Everyone looked at me. Zayn walked away back to Louis and looked back at me.

He's so seductive. Slowly biting his lip, and re-licks them. Ugh. If I was like all those girls that had the guts to be straight up with boys, I wouldn't be like this. Trapped. I'm trapped in my own head, constantly fan girling over this boy, this god because I have no balls or actually friends that are girls. I have Niall. He's amazing, but I couldn't let him know I was madly and deeply in love with the bad boy of his group.
"Sex on legs"
"What?!" Everyone awkwardly looked at me again.
"Erm.." WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ALEX STOP THINKING ALOUD. I need a quick save, "band name? Sex on legs because you guys are erm, have erm legs?" Great save, not.
"Sex on legs because we are walking sex gods? Love it babe!" Harry said, "but we have a name already, it's 1D, as in, guess which ONE of us has a D." The boys laughed for a quick second until they realize what Harry said.
"No" Liam said, "it's short for One Direction, we were given the name."
"Oh that's... catchy?" Who am I kidding, it isn't catchy and I don't get it. I'm not really into boy bands, but seriously, Zayn, I have to give it a chance. Maybe another day though. I still want to run away and hide. "Well, I really do have to go. Erm, my mum doesn't know I'm out."
"Okay. Well, bye Alex" all five boys sang in a perfect harmony.

That was perfection. A perfect goodbye.
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