Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


26. Red

"Zayn?! Zayn, can you hear me? ZAYN!" The doctors rushed him into another room and told me I wasn't allowed in. I was in tears, thinking of all the possibilities. Louis was there to comfort me and about 5 minutes later the rest arrived. I explained to the boys that his throat was swelling but they didn't know the cause yet. If they didn't operate on him soon, he may stop breathing. Liam got quite sad at this point, I was going to wait around for Zayn and everyone thought it would be the right choice to stay. Zayn's parents were in Pakistan and we couldn't get a hold of them, only Zayn knew when they were getting back and their number. He only had us, so we stayed. We waited.

Hours later a doctor finally addressed us. She told us Zayn made it out fine, and he's breathing is pretty much normal. He's hooked up to a support thing just in case and we wouldn't be able to see him for a couple of days. We couldn't do anything else so we all left. Liam, Tess, Lou and El drove me to the mall so I could pick up Zayn's car and drive it home. They followed me home to make sure I was okay, I was fine and insisted they got home soon and safe. Harry and Esther vanished, they weren't even at the hospital. I know Harry and Zayn hate each others guts, but being there would've been some bonus points for Harry. And common decency. But then again, he took Esther. I don't want her near Zayn, at all. 
It's 12 o' clock a.m, I really wanted to sleep it all off but my phone rang. I made an exception because it was Niall! He's finally calling!
"How are ya?" I felt energetic, I wasn't tired all of a sudden. 
"Fine, how are you? And the boys?" 
"We're good. Well, everyone but Zayn, he's in hospital." 
"What?" I explained to Niall everything that happened although I didn't want to trouble him anymore but I needed to talk to someone. 

"Are you okay Al, did you need me to come back?" 

"Are you crazy? Stay where you are, with your family, it's more important!" 

"Okay, but remember whatever the time, feel free to call me to talk okay?" 

"Thanks! And that works vice versa, if you need anything CALL." Me and Niall spoke for hours, I started to fall asleep an he started to notice, so he slowly wrapped things up. He's amazing. 


The next couple of days I had to cope with not being able to see Zayn. A week later I got a call from Louis saying we could see Zayn but he's most likely to be sleeping and if so, don't wake him. Sleeping or not, I need to see him! I took his car and drove to the hospital and on my way there I had received a text from Liam telling me that someone had changed Zayn's emergency contact to someone else and we were allowed to visit 3 days ago. I rushed through the hospital, asking for Zayn's room. The nurse had informed me that he shouldn't really be talking just yet. I stopped outside of Zayn's room to catch my breath as I was huffing and puffing; I should really get fit! I peaked through the window and I was told Zayn had a room to himself and the room had two beds but when I looked inside there was a female on the other bed. I saw her get up to I hid in the room next door waiting for her to leave, I didn't get to see her face but I noticed she had a very distinctive red hair colour. 
I went into Zayn's room and although he shouldn't be talking he tried to yell, "ALEX!", which merely came out just louder then a whisper. 
"Shh, Zayn." I smiled and walked over to him placing a kiss on his lips. As I tried to release, Zayn was trying to pull me onto the bed until a doctor walked in. She had gotten the wrong room and Zayn wasn't happy. "I've been told you're not meant to talk, so just nod your head to everything. Okay?" 
"What did I just say?" I laughed. 
"Zayn, shut up." 
"Okay." He smiled. 
"Ugh!" I rolled my eyes, laughed and sat at the end of his bed. 
Around an hour or so later, the red headed girl walked into the room, she was wearing a coat this time with a badge, indicating she was a volunteer at the hospital. I smiled at her but when she noticed me she left the room at a quick pace. 
"What was that about?" Zayn tried to laugh.
I gave him the evils because he shouldn't be talking and he mouthed 'Sorry'. "I don't know, I don't even know who that is." Zayn nodded in an odd manner. After about another half hour I had to leave. Visiting hours had ended, it was 5 o' clock. As I was exiting the building, I noticed the red headed girl leaving to, she was parked quite close to me as she was walking in the direction of my car. I had stopped to check my pockets for my phone because I thought I had lost in, I didn't, but when I looked back up I noticed the girl, with another girl at my, well, Zayn's car. 
"Hey!" I shouted, "What are you doing?" The looked up with stunned faces and I recognized Esther straight away. I started to run up to the car but they had already taken off. On my car was a little note. I know Esther's hand writing, so I'm predicting the other girl wrote it. 
"Hey Alex, it's me. 'Unknown'. Remember me? I found out you changed your number so I guess my detective skills are going to have to rise in order to get it back. How's Zayn? I'd be very protective over him and keep a close eye out! You never know what's going to happen. -Unknown."
I'm not sure how to respond to this. I can now correct my second theory that Esther and this 'Clairebear' girl Esther was talking to in the bathroom must be unknown, and that red head was Claire. 

Honestly, I felt scared. Claire had a build similar to Vicky and Esther has a strong and pushy attitude.
I raced home to call Niall, he was the only one that could make me feel safe.

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