Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


25. Quadruple Date

"LIAM!" I saw Liam for the first time in a couple of days, "So, hows things?" I winked, hoping he would get the hint.
"Things are fine." He gave me a confused look.
"How are TESS things?" I laughed.
"Oh!" He laughed, "I haven't asked her to be my girlfriend but I've asked her on a date. Tonight, and I sort of wanted it to be a double date. Me and Tess and you and Zayn?" He smiled.
"Oh, well me and Zayn were going on a date tonight, so I'll talk to him about it." I smiled. We were at school walking around during lunch. It's a friday meaning it's only a half day, one more period until home!
"Thanks." Liam smiled. I spotted a familiar set of strips in the distance, swinging his arms around with Eleanor, "LOU!" Liam shouted out and directed him to come closer.
"What's up Tess?" Louis came over to us with El.
"Who's Tess?" Eleanor asked.
"Liams girlfriend!" Louis smirked.
"No.. she isn't.."
"YET!" Louis finished Liams' sentence.
"Lou and El, I was wondering if you could come with me and Tess and Al and Zayn on a triple date tonight? I'm still not confident enough to go alone with Tess." Liam shyly smiled.
"El?" Louis looked at Eleanour.
"It's up to you." She smiled.
"We'll be there.. in a distance.. watching you. I'm watching you Liam." Louis spoke very seriously.
"Shut up. It's just a movie date. Be at the cinema at 5, okay Lou?" Liam raised an eyebrow.
"Sure thang, chicken waaang." Louis dragged Eleanor away.


FINALLY. End of the day. I caught up with Zayn and explained we're joining Liam and Tess and Louis and Eleanor. He just agreed with everything. Me and Zayn went back to my place, Zayn had brought over a bag full of clothes, I was letting him sleep over for a couple of nights just to test out how things would work if we were to live together. 
Around 4 o'clock me and Zayn went to the mall, we wanted to have Red Rooster before we went to the movies. When we got to the shop we noticed Harry walking around, but because it was quite crowded with other teens like every other Friday, so we couldn't tell if he was alone or not. Me and Zayn shared laughs over eating for about 45 minutes until we decided to scope out the movies in the.. movies. 
"How 'bout the Evil Dead?" Zayn asked, knowing I hate horrors and thrillers.
"Totaaaally." I rolled my eyes, "it's up to Liam, though." 
Around ten past 5, Liam arrived with Tess, Louis and Eleanor. Closely behind followed Harry and another girl I'd never seen before. 
"Hey guys, I turned this date from a triple date to a quadruple date, if that's okay? I found Harry wandering around with this pretty thing." Liam smiled. 
"Esther.." The girl stated, attitude much. 
"I'm Alex, this is Zayn." 
"I know who he is." She lifted her eyebrows. I hugged Zayn from the side and he progressed behind me, hugging me from behind. She rolled her eyes and wrapped her arms around Harry. Wow. 
"So Harry, when did you two get together?" Louis asked. 
"Today." Esther pouted toward Louis, giving him a snobby look. 
"Just keep your crabs away from my boy." Louis hissed at Esther. I'm guessing they aren't too fond of each other. I noticed she kept glancing over at Zayn and yeah, I didn't like it. 
"Well, me and Tess wanted to watch a horror or thriller or something." Over excited Liam said. Great. Zayn laughed at me and stuck his tongue out.
"How 'bout the Evil Dead?" He suggested to Liam. 
"Sure." Liam smiled and went to buy the tickets.


The movie ran for like 90 minutes and I was shitting myself over the smallest things. Why couldn't we watch an I don't know, G rated movie? About 30 minutes into the movie Zayn had to go toilet, so he left.  Esther followed behind him so yeah, I went too. She had stopped so I ran to Zayn. 
"I don't need you to hold my hand, babe." He laughed. 
"I'm here to wipe your ass." I laughed, "but seriously, what's up with Esther?" 
"I don't know, I've never seen her before. But, what's up with her?" 
"Like you don't know." 
"I don't..?" 
I just left it at that and went to the bathroom to fix my hair really. Esther trailed behind me and went into a stall, I over heard her talking on the phone. 
"Claire bear, how are ya? ... Where are you? ... So, you were right ... wait ..." She opened the door and I hid in a stall, standing on the seat so she couldn't see my feet. "I'm back. Well, you were right about Zayn having a girlfriend, she isn't even pretty ... Maybe you should start texting her again, you know? ... No, I need Zayn. Now ... Whatever, when you come back, well see what happens ... K bye." I quickly ran out of the bathroom before she came out and noticed me. That bitch! Well, those bitches! They were the ones texting me? To get to Zayn?! Well their plan sort of back fired because me and Zayn are together. She has Harry anyw.. wait, is she.. using Harry? Damn.
I rushed back to the movie and Zayn had just sat down. I sat next to him and placed my head on his shoulder, he put his arm over m shoulder and continued to eat his food he hadn't finished from Red Rooster. 
"A.. A.. Al.." Zayn began to cough, quite violently. 
"Zayn?" I sat up straight and looked at his face, his hand hitting his chest, "Are you okay?" I began to panic, the credits were rolling and everyone had already started to leave. "LIAM, LOUIS, EL!" I yelled out and signaled them over, "Quick! I think Zayn's choking!" Zayn shook his head, he wasn't choking. He pulled out his phone, dialed 000 and handed me the phone. I called an ambulance and they rushed over as quick as they could. 
"What's wrong?" I panicked toward a the people from the ambulance. 
"We have to get him to the hospital straight away, his throat is swelling and very shortly, he may not be able to breath." 
"What?!" I panicked. I was allowed into the back of the ambulance with Louis, squeezing his hand, I prayed for a miracle.
"What's his name? Is he allergic to anything?"
"His name is Zayn Javadd Malik and I don't think so." Louis replied, his eyes were wide and worried. 

13 minutes later we arrived at the hospital and Zayn was rushed in. I hadn't let go of his hand and I ran aside him with the doctors until he was taken into another room. 
"I'm sorry young lady, but you aren't allowed in here." I was stopped by a female doctor, "Sorry." She rushed behind the doors. 

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