Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


28. Plan B

For the past two weeks I've been visiting Zayn 3 hours a day, and since I've been visiting Zayn said he hasn't seen Claire volunteer at the hospital. The boys visit once or twice a week to check in on both of us and every night at 6 o' clock when I get home from the hospital, I get a phone call from Niall.
Harry visits too, but with Esther. I visit from 2 pm-5 pm, they visit from 12 pm til about 1 pm. Zayn said they don't act very.. 'couple-y'. Harry gets annoyed at Esther really easily, always sighing, groaning and rolling his eyes. He hates it when she touches him and pretends to go to the bathroom, or pretends he's hungry when he wants to be by himself. Zayn told me one time the topic of conversation was me, and he seemed to be very interested. Harry didn't leave and he was actually participating and socializing with Zayn and Esther. 

It's early June and here in Australia the weather begins to get cold as it's winter. I've been visiting Zayn a bit longer to get longer cuddles, we're cute like that. But Zayn's condition isn't getting any better. Within the past month he's had to go back into surgery twice, and last week he was supposed to get a release but his throat was swelling again and they couldn't risk him.. leaving us early. The doctors had also discovered cancer cells in his body and tried to cut it out, not knowing if it had already spread or not. Zayn has been keeping a smile on his face though, he doesn't want anyone to worry. He had also told me we can't be together right now and I guess that was the end of us. Yeah, we still cuddle but even me and Niall cuddle during winter. 

Today I was visiting at 1 o' clock because I had to visit my Uncle and Aunty for dinner at 4. Zayn was aware and made sure Esther and Harry weren't visiting. I got to the hospital around 12:45, and I slowly made my way to Zayn. Like every other day I stopped at gloria jeans to get a white hot chocolate with whipped cream for Zayn and a hot chocolate with marshmallows for me. I walked to Zayn's room and put the drinks down to open the door, strangely enough it was shut. Before I even got a hold of the door handle though, I noticed Zayn had a visitor and it defiantly wasn't Esther.. it was Claire. I sort of went ninja mode and stood out of their sight, peaking through the window. Unfortunately I couldn't read lips, but Claire had stood up and she was circling Zayn, running her fingers up and down his body as she walked around him. I wanted to go in there, but she stopped. She sat beside him and nobodies lips moved the slightest inch. She store at him and leaned in and kissed him. Zayn wasn't too hesitant either. They had locked lips for at the least 4 minutes, when suddenly she withdrew from him, caressed his hair and threw a quick glance straight at me, meeting my eyes. She knew I was there the whole time. Claire stood up and went to exit the room. When she came in contact with me she smirked and licked her lips and mouthed the word, 'mine'. 

I threw out the hot chocolate and white chocolate, and bought two more before going back to see Zayn. I walked into the room with a smile on my face, Claire didn't phase me the slightest bit. Me and Zayn weren't together anymore and I know I still mean more to him, I can't let jealousy and stupid emotions get the best of me right now. I won't be seeing Zayn for much longer and I don't want to depart from him in an ignorant or angry state. I want us to be happy, to stay friends.  
I really just can't wait to get home and talk to Niall. 

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