Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


19. One Direction

It's been a month since I last spoke to Harry, since he sang to me. I have no idea what's going on with us. We never officially broke up but we avoid each others presence.
I've rarely been back to school, not because of Harry but more so personal reasons. I dismiss Zayn every time he tries to come into any form of contact with me, Louis started dating my friend Eleanor and they're so perfect together, Liam has been really busy with band stuff lately and Niall's been busy helping Liam before he goes to Ireland for two weeks. 

Today the boys or 'One Direction' have their first official gig, the one they were preparing for more then a month ago. They have a dance crew preforming before them then they get their turn in the spotlight for an hour or so, I'm very excited for them. They're worked so hard and through all the stress they go through they still manage to succeed in every little thing they do. They've written a shit load of songs but tonight they'll only be singing around 7 or 8. I have front row tickets with Eleanor. To be honest I'm still deciding whether I should actually go or not.

Right now I'm at home. Sitting. Chillen. I need to go shopping. For a dress. For tonight.
It's about 4 in the afternoon, everyone should be getting home and I can go to the shops without being annoyed by people I know, or don't know. I walked to the shops because I really need the exercise. It took me about 10 minutes, my legs are getting better and stronger everyday. I'm proud of my progress, I don't even lift. 
I walk in and out of stores looking around and nothing screams 'WOAH BUY ME!', everything looks the same. I was dawdling a around, minding my own business until klutzy ol' me had to bump into someone, great. If I end up in hospital again, Harry, I love you. I look up, it's him. It's Harry. That's the first time I've been able to touch him in a whole month. 
"Sorry." I whimpered, that was weak. 
"Yeah." Harry spoke. He actually spoke to me. One word, but it was something, it was a word. It's pretty pathetic if you ask me, the fact that I'm getting excited about him saying 'Yeah'. I need to stay strong and wait, be patient. When Harry talks to me I know that it's time. I can't wait for that day. 


After finding nothing at the shops I get home and there's a little bag sitting at my door step with a little note, "Wear this to the gig! :) xo". I opened the package and it was a cute little top that had the word POW on in, it looks like it's meant to be in a comic book. I've seen this somewhere before, I can't remember where though. I shrugged my shoulders and walked inside. I showered at got ready for the gig. I wore the POW shirt and folded up the sleeves, I tucked it into a cute little skirt that flows above my knees. I straightened my hair and left it down, threw on a red pair of toms and went outside. 
Eleanor was gonna drive me to the concert and when I got outside she was already there, waiting. I hopped inside the car and oh my gosh she is so pretty! She was wearing blue denim shorts with a three quarter sleeved white fluffy button up top. She's flawless.
"Love the top, where'd you get it?"
"Um, a friend."
"Was that friend... Zayn!" 
"Huh..?" I had a really dopey look on my face. 
"C'mon, don't act like no one knows." What in the world. I gave her a even dopier face. "POW?!" She pointed to my shirt. 
"I'm not catching on." 
"Ugh, it matches Zayn's tattoo!" 
"Oh!" It finally hit me that that's where I had seen the design before. "I think he gave it to me." 
Eleanor shook her head at me and started to laugh as she drove off to the theater the boys were preforming at.

We arrived to the theater at about 8:35 p.m, making us half an hour late. This was only because Eleanor decided to stop for McDonalds and took ages to finish eating! We ran to our front row seats and the dance crew was still preforming. They kept dancing and flipping around and interacting with the crowd for another hour or so, the boys aren't even gonna be on stage for that long!
At about 9:30 to 10 o' clock the boys came on stage and they crowd went wild! I never expected them to get that big of a reaction, but they did! Me, along with 100's of other people (mainly girls) were screaming at the top of our lungs. The boys started by singing 'One Thing', followed by 'What Makes You Beautiful', 'Live While We're Young', 'Up All Night', 'Na Na Na', 'She's Not Afraid' and then they decided to slow things down a bit. They sang a song called 'Gotta Be You' and all the girls were throbbing, throwing themselves at the boys. Harry then announced they were gonna play their last song and they were going to slow things down even more. There were girls from school who had had crushes on one of the boys for years crying at their harmonious voices. 
Niall had gone back stage and came back with 4 guitars, one for each of the boys. They started to strum a familiar tune.. no, please don't. They were about to sing the song Harry had sang for me. I sat down, I didn't want to hear this right now. I don't want to break down right here! Louis had taken the first verse, then Liam the second and they sang the chorus together and I was emotionally fine, Louis sang the third verse and then Harry took over. As soon as his voice touched my ears, I had to leave. I told El that I had to go to the bathroom, and I bolted down the isle of the theater.
As a got outside I felt someone touch my shoulder, and I swung my arm out to whoever startled me. 
"Ouch!" It was Zayn. "Love the shirt!" 
"Oh.. yeah. Thanks for the.. thing." 
"The what?" Zayn stared at me like I was an idiot.
"The.. shirt?" I pointed to the shirt. 
"I didn't give you that shirt?" He looked puzzled. 
"Oh.. then, oh." I was in shock. Who would've given me a shirt that has Zayn's tattoo on it? 
"It matches my tattoo." He smiled and rolled up his sleeve. 
"That's why I thought you gave it to me?"  
"Sorry, but it wasn't me." His smile faded away and tried to give me a fake half smile. "What are you doing out here? The boys aren't even finished." 
"Yeah... it's just.. yeah." 
"It's Harry isn't it?" Zayn, don't try to be sympathetic with me, it's not gonna work. 
"Whatever.." People started to walk out of the theater, crying, screaming fan girls that now call themselves 'Directioners'. The boys were selling merch, just CD's that had every song but 'Gotta Be You' and the other slow song on it and shirts that said 'One Direction'. It was cute. 
"Well, I should go." I tried to walk away and deja vu hit me, Zayn grabbed my arm. 
"Wait." He pulled me in closer and pushed me against a car. "We need to talk." 
"Zayn, don't do this. Let me go." He released me and leaned onto the car. 
"Just hear me out. I need to tell you a secret." He scanned the area and came closer, attempting to whisper into my ear and in the corner of my eye I could see the boys coming out of the theater. 
"I really need to go! I need to congratulate the boys!" I carefully pushed Zayn away but he grabbed by waist and kept me against the car. 
"Alex?" Another voice piped from the distance. I pushed Zayn aside and just my luck, it was Harry. He walked closer to us and I forced Zayn's hands away from my waist. 

Harry came within two meters of me and Zayn and just stared at us, his eyes concentrating on Zayn's hand positioning, his nostrils tensing and his face.. angry. He took another step closer and clenched his fists aside his belt. 
Zayn walked toward Harry with a cocky look on his face, grinning at Harry, cracking his knuckles and meeting Harry's glare. "What?" Zayn witted at Harry.

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