Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


24. Nandos' for Nialler

"Goodbye, lad! Enjoy yourself and please take care." Louis cried fake tears, although he was truly sad Niall was leaving for Ireland. Niall had to leave 2 weeks earlier to attend a funeral, unfortunalty.
"Bye Niall, take care and condolences to you and your family, man. I'm really sorry that this was so sudden." Liam gave Niall a long hug.
"Farewell mate. Keep in contact, and sorry to you and your family. Take care." Zayn gave Niall a goodbye 'bro hug'. You know the hug where males join one hand and pat each other on the back indicating they aren't gay? No? Well, that one anyway.
"Bye Horan!" Harry gave Niall by far the longest hug, "Take care of yourself, see you in July."
Niall looked at me and smiled, putting his arms stretched out. I ran up to him and squeezed him in my arms. "Goodbye, Nialler. Send my condolences and love to your family." We both started to tear up, every time either of us leave, even for a short period of time, tears are always involved. He's my bestfriend!
"I will, thanks Al."
"Take care of yourself, buddy." I slowly released him, "I'll miss you."
"I'll miss you too! And take care of yourself and the boys. C'ya in two months, Al." Niall walked into the distance of the airport, going toward the gates, waving goodbye for as long as he could see us.
"He's gone." I whispered under my breath, it's going to take me a while to get used to the fact that he's gone and for two months! This is the longest we've been separated in.. forever!
"It's fine, Alex." Zayn smiled at me and put his hand on my shoulder. I sort of shrugged my shoulders to remove his hand, I'm still not happy with him about last night.
"Let's go." Louis wrapped his arms around me and Zayn, still pretending to cry.

Louis decided that we should go to nandos for lunch, in memory of Niall. He hasn't died, Louis! This boy is one of five reasons I smile, and I love him. Louis ordered for everyone, making sure we all had extra hot foods to make our mouths and throats burn and melt.
"Ah, Louis! Why didn't you order drinks?" Liam squealed.
"Oh don't be such a baby!" Louis teased.
"I'm going to get some drinks." Liam laughed and walked off. I noticed Liam didn't take his wallet so I ran up to him so I could pay instead.

"That will be $17, thank you." Said the very pretty girl at the register. Liam started searching for his wallet and I gave the girl a $20 note.
"Thanks, Alex." Liam smiled at me, then back at the girl. The girl returned a smile back to Liam and he started to blush.
"$3 change." The girl started blushing back.
"Oh, just keep it." I smiled at the girl, took the drinks and left Liam after taking a quick peak at her name tag, 'Tess'. She was a very pretty girl, she had a very nice light brown skin tone; I'm assuming she has a mixed background. She had brown eyes accompanied with black hair that flows perfectly just below her shoulders. She was a tad shorter then Liam. They kept exchanging the same goofy smiles for about 5 minutes until another customer came behind Liam.
He walked back to the table, his cheeks were rose pink. 
"Who's the girl?" I asked. 
"Oh shoot! I didn't catch her name! I'll just wait until there are no customers and I think I'll talk to her." 
"Ohh, Liam has a crush! How sweet!" Louis pinched Liams' cheeks. 
"No I don't. I just think she's pretty. Very pretty." Liams' cheeks escalated from rose pink to a deep red.
We waited another 15 minutes and Liam noticed Tess exiting the store, "Aw man! I think her shift ended." Liam frowned and slouched into his seat. 
"Aw, Liam. Her name is Tess. Don't worry, we'll come back tomorrow and see if she's working." I smiled. 
"Tess.." Liam smiled, "Thanks Alex."


The next day, around the same time; 1 o'clock in the afternoon-ish, me and Zayn took Liam to nandos. As soon as we got there Liam panned out the area.
"She isn't here." His hopes dropped.
"It's okay, Liam. Do you want me to ask when she works next?"
"No thanks, Al. It's okay." He tried to smile. I think he really likes this girl and I've never seen him so upset. Love at first sight, I know how that works. I smiled at Zayn and grabbed his hand.
"Liam, it's a small world. We'll run into her soon enough." Zayn tried to bring a real smile upon Liams' face.
"Let's go." Liam smiled, and walked for the door forgetting it wasn't automatic and BAM, walked straight into it.
"Liam, are you alright buddy?" Zayn tried not to laugh.
"Are you okay?" A polite voice entered through the door, trying not to hit Liam with it when she entered. It was Tess! I tugged on Zayns' hand a slowly turned around, pretending to observe the menu.
"I'm fine.." Liam looked at and started to blush from embarrassment.
"Here, let me help you up." She offered him her hand to pull him up.
"Damn doors thinking they're better then us, pushing us around." Liam pointed to the 'push' sign on the door. Bad pun, Liam.
"Ahaha." Tess actually laughed, "You're cute." She smiled.
"Nothing in comparrison to you." Liam blushed, "Oh, I'm Liam." He smiled, and put out his hand for a hand shake.
Tess met his hand, "How a-door-able. I'm Tess." Wow, these puns aren't getting any better. But they giggled together, which was cute.
"Nice to meet you Tess."
"So Liam, I was here to grab lunch but I was wondering if you'd like to go somewhere else to grab a bite to eat? I promise I'll be a better date then the door." Tess smiled.
"Um.." Liam looked towards me and Zayn and noticed we weren't watching them, "Sure." He laughed and came up to us, "I'm going to lun.."
"Just go Liam! And remember.. PUSH." Zayn laughed.
"Oh ha ha." Liam rolled his eyes and walked over to Tess, "Shall we?" He pointed toward the door.
"Scared you're going to run into it again?" Tess raised an eyebrow and Liam opened the door. "Impressive." Tess teased Liam and they left.

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