Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


6. My Hero

School will be the death of me.

My alarm goes off at 7:45am. It's that annoying default alarm sound on every iPhone. I should really get around to fixing that.
I slowly arise from the floor, and my back aches. Perfect reason not to go to school right? Wrong. Zayn is going to be at school, how am I supposed to get any viewing time if I stay home? Ugh, my ass hurts too. Slowly rubbing my eyes, then ass, I walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready. All the usual shit. I usually only take 10 minutes to get ready but I was contemplating on whether I should stay home or not so it took me 35 minutes. It's about 8:22 in the morning at this point and I have 13 minutes to get to school. Oh joy!

I bolted to school to make sure I wasn't late because Zayn was only in my first lecture today which was English. He sits two rows in front of me with no one interfering so I just stare at the back of his head and at his amazing back, like he has amazing shoulders.
It's 8:50. I'm only 5 minutes late.
As I walked into class I noticed straight away we had a different teacher and Zayn wasn't there. Of course he wasn't there, the day I was hurting all over and ran to school for him, he wasn't there.
"Fuck." I whispered under my breath, or so I thought it was under my breath, the teacher heard me.
"Ah, Alex is it? Or is it Zayn? Well which ever, you're late. Either sit down and listen or take you're rotten mouth back home. I don't have time for kids like you."
"I'm Alex, actually and I'm sorry you had to ease drop." Ugh, I'm not in the mood, "I'll just leave." So I left. Looking down at my phone, I opened the door an bumped into someone, someone taller, more masculine. "Za.." I looked up assuming it was him, but it wasn't. It was Vicky. I hated this bitch with a passion. Honestly, you would think being in a university there would be no bullies or anything, I thought wrong that's for sure. Vicky is a horrible person. I've never gotten in her way because I'm too scared to get into any trouble with her. I'm quite weak actually.

"What the hell?!" She yelled at me, we were half way through the door so everyone in the lecture turned and gawked at us.
"I'm sorry I guess." I really wasn't, I did nothing wrong. And I'm still annoyed. And hurt.
"Why do you mean you GUESS?! Scrawny bitches like you are so rude, prancing around this school like you own the place! You deserve to die." Vicky's eyes were tearing up, no empathy for this girl. None at all. I was scared though. Maybe she's on her period?
"The fuck did you say?!" Things at this point escalated quickly. Vicky's eyes were red, here voice sounded like a she-devil and I swear there was steam coming from her nose.
"Nothing. I'm sorry, I'll leave." I turned to see if the teacher would be of any assistant, thanks for nothing the teacher had already evacuated the classroom.
"Leave? AHAHAHA, you're not going anywhere!" Vicky's arms came flying at me, I swerved and ducked to avoid her grasp and turned to run down the stairs of the lecture hall. "GET BACK HERE SLUT!" Vicky attempted to grab me again, this time grabbing my hair and pulling me back. I went flying into her flat chest. She threw me in the floor and kicked me in the back.
"UGH FUCK!" That tripled the pain in my back, the agonizing pain ran through my spine.
"Aw, did that hurt?" Her sarcasm posses me off, but I couldn't move. I tried to move, to at least curve into a ball. BANG. She slammed the door of the room and kicked me two more times. I bit the bottom of my tongue to present from screaming. My eyes started to water and Vicky turned me on my back, "you've asked for this." Vicky curled her hand into a fist and threw her hand at my face, BAM, hitting my nose. There's blood everywhere. "Get your blood off me, slut!" How? You broke my nose, idiot!
"PLEASE VICKY STOP, UGH. I AM SO SORRY, PLEASE JUST STOP!" I was basically begging for mercy, for my life. Vicky scoffed and hit me again in the eye. "OUCH UGH VICKY STOP!" My eye feels swollen. Vicky laughed at my pain, I think she's feeding off of it. She raised her fist again and sent it aimed straight at my face. I closed my right eye, as my left was swollen, and waited for another blow. But nothing. I looked up and a tall, male figure was holding Vicky's arm back, giving her the death stares.
"Please, get lost." A familiar, yet unfamiliar deep British accent spoke. 'Zayn?' I thought. Vicky spat at me, it hit my shoulder and she left, stomping. "Are you okay Alex love?"
Sniffling, I manage to reply "Yes! Thank you so much for getting rid of her!"
He kneeled down and stared at my face, "Woah! It looks like I didn't get here in time. I'll take you to the hospital!"
Slowly regaining sight I looked at the boy, "Harry? Is that you?"
"Yes it is! Can you see clearly? We should really go!" Harry quickly replied in a concerned voice.
"Oh okay." I tried to sit up, but nothing, I was in too much pain. "Ugh!"
"It's okay, don't strain yourself! Sit still." Harry picked me up and walked me to his car.
"Thanks again."
"It's fine love."
"Is it bad? My face?" I don't know what I look like.
"Still beautiful." He smiled, placed me in the car, put in my seatbelt and ran to the drivers seat, "it'll be okay, love." Harry spoke soft words, it was comforting.

He drove me to the hospital.
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