Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


2. Lunch

"We walk to a different drum beat. It scares me that I want you more then this. I want your love you've offered with your wavey brunette hair and deep brown eyes." he whispered, falling into my state of oblivion.

I can't take this. Him. Us. Nothing's happening with us and every glimmer of hope I have is crushed by the fact that he's just to perfect for anyone in this world. I'm just a stereotypical girl, who is hopelessly in love. He doesn't even know my name. If it wasn't for the script, he probably wouldn't even know the colour of my eyes or the style of my hair.

"Hey.." he questioned and looked awkwardly at my stunned face, "hey?" I guess you could say that was his nickname for me. Again, "Hey, it's your line bub!" WHAT. BUB?! Utter perfection, I ship us. It just flows so perfectly, just imagine 'Zalex', utter perfection.
"Sorry Zayn. I was erm, day dreaming."
"It's okay. Just don't do it again, aye?" He winked at me and walked away laughing, crying, "we'll finish tomorrow, bells gonna go in 5!" His British accent tingled down my spine. His eyes are glistening although there's no form of lighting in the room. We decided to run lines throughout lunch in the hall and Zayn couldn't be late to class.

"So erm, we've been running lines for a couple of weeks now and I feel somewhat rude, but what is your name, sorry?" He asked. I knew he didn't know my name. Should I lie? Alex isn't an attractive name, it's a boys name. Maybe Alexander? No. I can't start our relationship with lies, well the relationship I have with Zayn in my head anyways.
"It's um.."
"Forgotten your name is it bub?"
CAN YOU NOT. I just want to touch his face, and run my fingers down his perfectly sculpted jaw. I have to admit, I've never seen such a perfect jaw.

The bell rings.

"I guess you can tell me your name later, aye? We should get to our next classes, we can practice lines tomorrow? I think we have drama then." Zayn says, as his deep British accent fades away whilst he's heading toward the door.
"Yeah." I reply. He just laughs, walking out the door. YEAH? YEAH?! Is that really the best I could do? He probably thinks.. well, who knows what he thinks of me? I hope he knows he's perfect and I love him and he can seriously just come up to me and take me however he wants, whenever he wants.

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