Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


16. Imagine

You're at a party with Zayn, a very compact party and people can barely move around because there are just too many people. You're dancing with Zayn; dirty dancing. He's grinding against you and all you can do is move your body slowly to music, rubbing against Zayn. This feeling is awkward and uncomfortable. You're sweaty and Zayn wants to get away, he kisses your earlobe and drags you to another room.
Zayn slams the door and then you onto the door, holding your chin in the palm of his hands and rapidly leans in to kiss you. His kiss gets harder and harder, giving you less oxygen and a less of an option to draw away. His right hand moves from your chin to the back of your head and his left moves from your waist to your left breast. His grip gets tighter. Wanting more, you violently push Zayn back onto the bed, and he starts to undress, you jump on him, undoing your top, kissing him. He grabs your ass and flips you onto the bed, positioning himself on top and slowly takes off your shorts and underwear, his right hand moves down your body, you become uncomfortable. Not willing to let him in, he's still touching you. 

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