Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


5. Imagine

Imagine sitting in the middle of a daisy field. You're naked and quite uncomfortable. In the far distance you notice a tall figure walking toward you, squinting you still can't make the face of this figure. He's naked, you can tell its a male.
He's holding something over his shoulder; a jacket maybe? As he gets closer the wind starts making swift movements through your hair. You're uncomfortable and can't move, the boy is 5 meters away and you're sitting in the cold naked.
As he confronts you, you see it's him. He kneels in front of you and wraps his jacket around you, it's a blue varsity with '1D' written on the front on it. He leans forward and kisses your forehead, then cheeks, then nose and places a soft kiss on your lips. His sweet touch send chills down your spine. You're uncomfortable.
He lays his lips on yours and starts to kiss you, more and more passionately with his hands slowly running down your face to your neck to your body. As he reaches your love handles, he traces the outline of your body back to your face. He stops kissing you and stares into your eyes.
He fades away right in front of you, he was jut there staring into your soul, but now he's gone. His jacket left behind, he's gone.
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