Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


4. Home

Before I went home I decided to visit my dad although it was getting kinda late and I should really be going to my mums. He was a very lonely man. My parents had unfortunately been apart for 12 years. I've been fatherless for 12 years.
I love my dad. He was an amazing man and there was nothing he wouldn't do for me.
I wonder if he likes Zayn. I talk to him about Zayn everyday for about an hour.

My dads cold. And dirty. I hope mums been visiting him. Speaking of, mums expecting me.

"I love you dad, I promise we'll talk tomorrow! I have to go to mummy!" I whisper and leave his grave sight. It was always sad leaving him. He's in the middle of the cemetery, 10 meters apart from any other grave. He's lonely. And cold.

My mums about a 10 minute run from where dads buried. I always visit her at 4:30 for half an hour until the cemetery closes. Oh how I miss my parents so much. My mum passed away in 2010, she just never woke up. It was so sudden, she was 41 and perfectly healthy and she didn't smoke nor drink. The doctors were stunned.
"Sorry I'm late, mum. I was a tad late visiting dad because I left school a bit late. Great news though, guess what! Niall's back! And he's in a band! And guess who's in the band?! It's Zayn! He's so perfect." I carried on like this to her for about 20 minutes before I had to leave.

I walked home like a zombie with quite the opposite brain though. My mind couldn't stop thinking about him.

It took me about 40 minutes to walk a 25 minute walk. As soon as I got to my apartment I fell to the floor and fell into a deep slumber. I couldn't make it to my bed, let alone the toilet, I really needed to piss but sleep over everything.
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