Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


12. Harry's POV

NOTE: This chapter is in Harry's POV as stated. All chapters after this will be in Alex's POV unless stated otherwise. (:


I worry about her, I really do. Especially today. She seemed really startled and she won't talk to me or tell me what's wrong. She's just been really clingy and it's not like her. She was asking me a lot of questions today, especially about my first lecture today.
"What was your frist lecture today, Harry? Who was in your class? Did anyone leave before or after you?"
Quite odd.

Maybe she'll talk to someone else about it? Niall? He is her bestfriend. No, they're too close, he'll probably refuse and tell her everthing. I need someone sneaky... ahh, LOUIS. I hadn't seen him since the morning, before I left so I called him.
"Louis, lad. I need a favour?"
"What is it Harold?"
"Can you meet me in the parking lot? At your car, please?"
"Sure thing, chicken wing!" And he hung up.

I waited a good 15 minutes before Louis decided to turn up.
"What's up Harold?"
"It's about Alex."
"What happened?!" Everyone's always concerned about her.
"Well, she's been acting quite strange today and won't talk to me. I need you to do some 'undercover work'."
"You want me to talk to her?"
"I guess that's what I meant."
"Why not Niall?"
"Just don't want to risk anything." I smiled.
"Okay." Louis put on his game show host voice, "I guess it's time for Undercover Bestfriend with LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSS... just Louis."
"Ahaha, just don't be sus. Ask her why she's been jumpy lately and really alert. Oh, and don't mention me WHAT SO EVER." I give him a serious look so he knows I mean it.
"Whatever." He rolls his eyes. "I'll talk to her tomorrow mate!" Louis smiled.
"Okay, well, I think I might visit her now so.. bye?"
"Yeah, bye bye Harold." Louis jumped into his care and rolled off, blowing me a kiss. What a loser.

I drove to Alex's house and the lights were all off. Strange. I walked up to the front door and knocked, "Alex love, it's Harry." But no answer. I tried calling her phone.. nothing. Where in the world is this girl? I waited around for another hour or so, it's now after 5:30 pm and she still isn't at home or answering her phone. I called all the boys to check if they had seen her, but no ones seen her since around 2:30, when she was walking to the back of the school.
I hope my baby girl is okay!

I drove around to try to find her. I checked the theatre, the mall, the cemetary.. nothing! I'm really starting to worry! I went back to her house and remembered she left a key in the bush earlier, because she locked herself out the other day. I went into her home, calling her name.

Still.. nothing.

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