Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


15. Getting Down on Friday

It's Friday, the day of Zayn's party and I feel like shit. I have a running nose, a sore throat, constant watery eyes and a really bad cough! This is a joke. I knew me and Hazza shouldn't have gone late night skinny dipping in 16 degree (Celsius) weather. I need to be better by tonight, I know I didn't want to go, but Vicky will be there and I want to confront her. I know she won't hit me because she won't want to embarrass Zayn at his own party. I had convinced Nialler to come and Harry was just in a 'whatever' mood when I told him we were going. He really can't stand Zayn, they were the best of friends until I, well.. 'girls' got between them. I know it's sad, but I refuse to take blame! It's not my fault Zayn was being a complete douche.
Any who.. Harry is perfectly fine, as in he isn't sick, but yeah Harry is fine. Really fiiiine. He called me earlier to make sure I woke up for school, I could barely talk and he said he'll be around later to 'take are of me', how sweet? I'm stuck in bed, I don't want to move or even be awake, I want to sleep and die, (not really). Blah.

Harry pounded on the door and I think realized the loud noises would've annoyed me so started politely knocking. Ugh, I don't want to get up but there's no spare key outside, maybe I should give Harry a key, I mean ever since we met he's spent half his time at my house. Poo.
"Alex! You awake?" Harry called, still lightly knocking on the door.
"Coming!" I walked to the door, sniffling. Ew. I opened the door, rubbing my sore eyes.
"Aw! My poor baby!" He walked in and squeezed me in his arms. So warm, so soft.
"I'm fine Harry." I whimpered.
"No, you're staying home tonight. We're staying home tonight, you're not leaving my sight."
"No. I'll call Zayn and let him know you're sick." Why would Harry need to call him? He probably wants to threaten him or rub in the fact that he'll be with me and Zayn won't get to see me.
"No, I'll call."
"Did you just 'k' me? You're sick, DYING girlfriend? Rude." I teased and pushed him away from me.
"No, I didn't mean anything bad! I was just.. thinking. I swear it was unintentional and.."
"Harry!" I laughed, "it was a joke!"
"You sounded so serious."
"Don't ever take me seriously." I laughed and walked to the kitchen, "ya hungry?"
"Nah, I ate before I came."
I turned in the electric stove, ready to cook bacon and eggs.
"Al, sit down and rest. I'll cook." He smiled.
"Merr, I'll cook."
"You're sick, I'll cook." He demanded.
"Reeow." I sat down at the bench.
Harry started to cook, all professionally, he started flipping bacon I the air and throwing eggs around my kitchen, "I'm multitalented." Harry grinned.
"Right!" I laughed.
He plated my food and sat next to me, "need me to feed you, love?" He teased.
"No thanks, I think I'm capable of feeding myself!" I chuckled. He's making me feel better already. "Um, Harry.." I started to talk with my mouth half stuffed, "about the party."
"We aren't going."
"Geez. Why not? It'll be good."
"You're sick."
"I'm already getting better, I'll be fine by tonight." I smiled, trying to suck up to him.
"Even if you're better, it's safer to stay home."
"Safer? I'll be fine!" He's acting like my parent guardian or something.
"Haaaarreh!" I complained. "I'm going with or without you."
"Alex, you don't understand."
"Understand what?"
"I know what's wrong!"
"What do you mean what's wrong?"
"Louis and Niall told me everything, okay?! Do you realize someone is stalking and threatening you and you still want to go to this party? Alex, no."
WHAT? How could Louis, let alone my best friend Niall, tell Harry when I said not to? They promised me. "That doesn't matter. It's really nothing."
"Nothing? Then tell me, who is this person?" Harry's voice started to get louder.
"I think it's.."
"Think? Do you KNOW who it is though?!"
"No but.."
"No buts, Alex please." His voice was frustrated and soft, "I really worry about you and if something happens, I could NEVER forgive myself for whatever happens."
"But it wouldn't be your fault."
"Alex, I promised to protect and take care of you."
"Harry.." I really don't want to start fighting over a stupid party, "if it means that much, we won't go."
"I just don't want to risk your safety." He caressed my hair and kisses my forehead before walking to the bathroom. "Yunno, I haven't gotten any texts in the past 3 days, Harry!" I called out.
"That's good." He tried to smile.


Me and Harry sat in the lounge room for 7 straight hours, in silence, watching movies. I would get a hourly "You okay? You need anything?" questionnaire but that was it. It's 6 o' clock exactly and Harry had fallen asleep. He's so cute when he's sleeping, he sorta drools. Is that weird?
I slowly moved his arm up and off of me so I could get a drink and realized I had 3 missed calls from Zayn and a text... phew, from Zayn.

From: Zayn
Message: u coming al?

I had received this almost half an hour ago. I guess I still have time? But I dot want to go against Harry. I decide to sneak out for at least an hour, Harry's dead asleep and will be out for a couple of hours so I should be fine, I turned his phone off so that doesn't awaken him. I feel like I've been going on constant guilt trips choosing Zayn over Harry, but this isn't about Zayn- it's Vicky.
I quickly get ready. I chuck on beige jean shorts, a black top and black converse's and sneak out the door. Oh Harry, PLEASE stay asleep. I ran to Niall's house to see if he had gone, luckily enough, he had forgotten about the party and escorted me there. When I arrived, as I expected, I had gotten another Unknown text.

From: Unknown
Message: I though you weren't gonna come, big balls you have. 

I decided to grow 'big balls' and I actually replied.

To: Unknown
Message: who is this? I wanna talk.

From: Unknown
Message: who am I?

To: Unknown 
Message: you wanted to talk before, lets talk

From: Unknown
Message: that was before, this is now. Go fuck Zayn, Mrs Styles.

This girl is so confusing. She wanted to talk to me, now she avoids that. She wanted me to stay away from Zayn and now she's telling me to fuck him, whilst pointing out the fact that I should be loyal to Mr Harry Styles. I decide to keep the conversation going while I walk around the party, seeing if anyone's on their phones texting- no one. Not even Vicky, meaning it is her. She wasn't invited and isn't here, no one's on their phone at this point in time and I'm receiving texts from this person.
I was just about to leave, to get back to Harry before he woke up until Zayn spotted me.
"ALEX YOU MADE IT!" Seriously boy, leave me alone. He ran up to me and gave me a massive bear hug, lifting me off the ground. Once he let go, "Where's Harry?"
"Oh, he didn't come."
Zayn's face widened with a massive smile, "Really? What happened?"
"Oh, he just wasn't all for it, ya know?"
"Yeah.. hey, did you want a drink or anything?" 
"No thanks, I was actually just about to leave." I tried walking off but Zayn grabbed my arm.
"Stay. Have at least one drink you party pooper!"
"I should get back to.."
"Harry? Don't worry about him!" Zayn pulled me inside his house and to the backyard. There was party and house music blasting at full volume, people taking up every square meter of the place and alcohol, everywhere, from the tables to people to in the pool. Zayn passed me a drink, "Cheers!" He tapped his glass against mine, "drink up, Al!" and he scoffed his drink within a second. 
I drank mine to get it over and done with and tried to leave again, but that was just impossible! Zayn dragged me around, constantly passing me drinks and introducing me to people. Before I knew it, I was screaming, drinking, dancing and singing along to 2 Reasons by Trey Songz.

The party was crazy.
And I forgot all about Harry.

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