Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


31. Flummoxed

NOTE: This is the final chapter of the story, oh my gooosh! There will be a sequel though, and I'll release it this month. I love everyone who actually took the time to read this. Thank you.


I don't know what I'm doing in life, or with my life anymore. I dropped out of uni and I'm taking a tafe course as long as an apprentership so I can get paid. I'm flummoxed about who I truley love, and it's come down to 3 of 5 of my closest friends. Zayn is out of the picutre, we've had no contact since he left. Harry, I can't even tell him I love him without doubting or questioning myself, and Niall. He's my bestfriend. I had my chance with him but I've finally opened my mind and came to realize that maybe he's the one.
I'm not up for dating at the moment, but I feel like I should at least open my heart to these boys, at least Niall and maybe Harry anyway. But what do I say? Tell Niall I love him then tell Harry that I think I love him but I have feelings for Niall. I guess it all goes back to that, 'If you liked the first person, you wouldn't have fallen for the seconnd person in the first place.' Meaning, I've fallen for Niall and I have no interest in Harry. But Harry's so.. good to me. I don't know how to explain it. It's like he gives me butterflies when our lips touch but they slowly disinergrate at the thought of us being together. Or I'm Eve and Harry's the apple I'm not meant to bite and Niall, he's my Adam. I don't know. Niall on the other hand, when I'm with him everything's almost perfect. His presence makes me feel like I'm under the wing of an angel.

I've decided to go with Tess and El to Queensland for two weeks to clear our minds and just have fun until Niall comes back, I'm picking him up from the airport. Louis and Liam really wanted to come to go to theme parks but Eleanor declared it 'a super long girls weekend', which made me happy.
The airport again, my most recent trips here haven't been so good so I'm happy this time that I'm here with the girlies, going out to have a fun weekend. We had checked in ourselves and our bags, gone through security and had McDonalds for breakfast, now we were sitting at the gate. We had another 5 minutes until boarding time. Tess was on the phone to Liam, they were so close, so perfect for each other. Eleanour was also on the phone but to Louis, she was on her chair laughing, probably at Louis occasional dopiness. Or sass. Or.. whatever. I wanted to call so many people, but couldn't because well, what would I say? I'd probably end up in tears again, talk about emotional wreck. I'm not going to stereotype and say 'it's because I'm a girl' because it isn't. Really.
We had just gotten the announcement that we could board and everyone raced to get onto the plane first. By the time me, Tess and El lined up, we were close to last, there were about another 15 people behind us. The girls had wrapped up their conversations and we got closer and closer to boarding. I was fightinh with myself, should I call Harry or not? Before I go? No. Wait.. no I shouldn't. I touched the pocket of my ripped black jean shorts to feel my phone, give me a sign, should I call? I imagined my phone vibrating, so I pulled out my phone and.. oh wow, I wasn't imagining it vibrating. I recieved a text from Louis, and so did Tess and El.

From: Lewis
Message: Guys! You cant go, Harrys missing! Im not kidding, please come to Harrys place asap! I hope Im not too late!

Me and the girls looked at each other, "You two go, I'll stay." I smiled.
"Nuup!" Tess said.
"We all have to stay." El jumped in.
We had gone back to the front and explained we had something sudden pop up and we weren't able to fly. They said it was fine and they'll ship our bags back from Queensladn asap and call us when the bags get here. We caught a cab back to my place and grabbed my car and sped off to Harry's place. As soon as we got there we ran through the door. Shit! The house was a wreck! There was ripped furniture, Harry's things were thrown everywhere and there was no sign of Harry.
"Girls!" Liam's eyes grew wider as he saw us standing in Harry's house in shock.
"What happened?" I walked over to Liam.
"I don't know. Me and Louis came to visit Harry because we saw this." Liam showed me photos of Harry well, naked with um.. other girls and um.. guys, "And he was just gone. And the house was like this. Me and Louis checked, nothing's been taken though, everything expensive is still here and not even clothes are missing." Words raced out of Liam's mouth at 100 miles per hour. Louis walked out of Harry's bedroom biting his fingernails and as soon as he saw El, he stopped and ran up to her and hugged her. I could tell he was worried, he worries about the other boys more than anyone else.
"I want my Harry..." Louis cried.

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