Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


14. Drama

I walked into Drama and decided to mess with Vicky, seeing as she has eyes and ears all over the school. I don't care anymore, she can't scare me any longer and I'm not taking this.
I sat next to Zayn.
"Hey." I smiled.
"Oh, Alex, vas happenin?"
"Nothing much." I kept smiling, this is awkward.
"Erm, I heard you were dropping drama?"
"Yeah, I don't see the use of it. I don't want to be an actress so it's useless." I kept smiling.
"So yeah." I smiled. How awkward. 
He smiled back., "How's you and Harry?"
"Oh, we're fine. Erm, how about you and erm.." I couldn't even say her name.
"Vicky?" Zayn laughed.
"Yeah her." I rolled my eyes.
"We're not going out anymore."
AHAHAH WHAT WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN AHAH! I wanted to burst out with laughter, but I decided to be polite. "Really? What happened?" 
"Well, I guess I really didn't have any feelings for her, ya know?" 
"Yeah.. sorry about that." 


From: Unkown
Message: what did i say

From: Unkown
Message: get away from him

From: Unkown
Message: what are you talking about?


Somebody must be really jealous. 
"So, Alex. I'm having this party and you and the boys are invited if you wanted to come. Vicky won't be there so you won't feel erm.. yeah."
"Oh well I have to talk to them about it."
"They already know, Louis and Liam are coming. It's at my place on Friday night; 5 pm til late." He smiled. "Oh.. okay then, it's really up to Harry." "Harry said he'd go if you wanted to."

From: Unkown
Message: if you go, I'll be there, remember that

Oh poor Vicky, you're not even invited. "We'd love to come, Zayn. I'll convince Niall to come as well." I smiled. I really don't want to go, I don't want to be around Zayn. He was such a dick to me when I needed him, but now he's being his usual lovely self. He gives me mixed emotions and I hate it, Harry's the only one I should have feelings for. Boys boys boys. I liked it better when I knew nothing about them and when I wasn't friends with any but Niall, I liked it better when I was little and the only things boys could give you was cooties and stuff. I miss the days when life was simple. But I've brought this all amongst myself, plus it's a apart if growing up. I hate growing up, it's so overrated.

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