Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


23. Dinner

"Zayn!" most of the boys smiled when they saw us approaching them, obviously Harry didn't. Zayn pulled me out from behind him and they all, but Harry, jumped on me.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY AL!" Louis, Liam and again, Nialler shouted.
"Thanks guys." They all backed up and Louis hit Harry on the shoulder and pointed toward me. "It's fine, Louis." I smiled.
"No, it's not! It's your special day and Harry hasn't said anything." Louis put his foot down, "rude."
"No he's right" Harry jumped in, "Happy birthday, love." Harry fake smiled and gave me a quick hug.
"How bout we go inside boys? And Alex? I'm starving!" Niall said, still bouncing up and down like he was hours ago.
"Hah, okay, let's go." Liam smiled.

We went inside and we were lead to a rounded table. Zayn was to my left, then Liam, Louis, Harry and Niall to my right. Liam had ordered for all of us and declared he had an important announcement.
"Well, as we all know, it's Alexs' birthday. Once again, happy birthday." He smiled and continued, "but you boys know we need to talk buiness, as in band buisness."
"How exciting." Louis rolled his eyes.
"Oh shut up, Louis." Liam rolled his eyes back at him, "first on our short agenda, the tour."
"Tour..?" I questioned.
"Yes, we're going on tour. Just around Australia to begin." Liam smiled.
"When was this erm.. when did you guys plan this?" I felt so behind.
"Last week we ran into a very important buiness man, Mr Simon Cowell, and he was willing to sign us to his record company if we had a successful tour around Australia." Niall bounced.
"Wow, I'm so happy for you boys." I returned smiles to everyone, even Harry although he didn't smile much.
"Thank you. Well, we sort of need well, everything. We need to hire people to organize it, but we don't have enough cash at the moment. Simon's only paying for our air fares and concert halls, we have to arrange dates and schedules and everything else."
"So we're here to talk money?" Zayn sounded as confused as I did.
"Basically." Liam shrugged.
"You brought us to an expensive resturaunt to tell us we need money?" Harry finally spoke, still not too happy.
"Ironically enough, yeah. But I guess this was for Alex." Liam smiled, again.
"How much do we need?" Harry asked.
"Couple grand, tens of grands, maybe." Liam lost his smile.
"I could get you guys the money?" I jumped in.
"No, Alex, we couldn't." Zayn said, putting his arms around my shoulders.
"It's fine. I have about, say, $20 grand I could give to you guys."
"Woah! And it would only be a loan, we'll pay you back with interest." Liam said, "I'm not sure though."
"Psh, just take it. She's offering." Harry jumped in.
"Hm.." Louis scruffled his nose.
"FOOD'S HERE TALK LATER." Niall said, over excitedly.
"Settle down boy!" Louis jumped over Harry and messed up Niall's hair.
"He's right, eat now. We'll talk tomorrow or something. Thanks Alex." Liam smiled. He has such a pretty smile.


Tonight was great, other then the fact that Harry didn't talk once from when we started eating to now. We're about to leave, it's been a couple of hours and everyone's tired.
"Well, I'm off! I have a hot bed waiting to meet me at home!" Louis winked.
"Cheating on Elenour?" I laughed.
"Shh." He winked again, "Just make sure you stay safe, if you know what I mean." Louis coughed, looked at Zayn's 'private part' and laughed as he walked to his car.
"That's right Al." Niall startled me when he placed his hands firmly on my shoulders, "I'd love to be an Uncle though." He winked and I shoved him, "Just kidding! But seriously take care, k?" He hugged me goodbye. 
"Well, I'll see you guys tomorrow." Liam patted Zayn and Haryy on the shoulders, then gave me a hug goodbye, "Happy birthday again!" And off Liam went, leaving me, Zayn and Harry.
"Well.." Zayn started, "Laters Harry." Zayn placed his hand on my lower back and we started to walk off.
"Are you guys dating?" Harry called out. What gave it away?
"Yeah." Zayn slowly turned around, "And?"
"Seriously Zayn, lets just go." I tried to drag him away, but no, Mr Fucktard Malik decided to walk closer to Captain Shithead Styles. "Zayn." I tried to pull on his arm, still not effective.
"Maybe you should listen to your girlfriend, it would be the better option." Harry smirked.
"We've both got that down. We both have and know what the better option is." Zayn grabbed my waist and layed a kiss upon my cheek.
"I don't think either of you are thinking straight, if you're the so called 'right option'."
"The right option in this senario would be me, getting laid by her." Zayn made a slight gesture in my direction. I pulled away from his grip.
"You haven't had enough?"
"What's that supposed to mean?" I had to jump in.
"He doesn't need anymore of.. you."
"What are you implying Harry?" Is this guy calling me a used slut? Is he serious right now? Males are so confusing.
"Yeah Harreh." Zayn gave Harry 'the look', I've been seeing this a lot lately.
"I was implying that sh.."
"Just, go Harry. I've had enough of you two fighting over stupid things." Honestly, I wanted to punch them both in the head. I shook my head in dissapointment, "You two are so immature and it's getting so old."
"Like you aren't acting immature? How could you start seeing him? After all that he did to you and after all I did for you? Alex, you begged me to stay and now you're sleeping with him? And we're the immature ones, I see how this works. Princess." Harry walked away. All Harry ever does to and for me is send me on guilt trips, I can't take this anymore. Drama after drama, fights after fights, I don't want to be held responsible but, I am. I love these boys to the moon and back, all I wanted from the beginning was Zayn and now I have him. Aren't I supposed to be happy, living a stress free life? Obviously not.
"Alex, you know that you've done nothing wrong." Zayn tried to keep me away from the whole bad mood senario. Too late.
"Lets just go."

Happy birthday to me.

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