Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


10. Cool Kids Don't Dance

My phone started to vibrate. I slowly opened my eyes and awoke from my slumber to check my phone. Shit! It's 9 o' clock! I'll be late for cla- oh wait, Easter weekend means I get the Monday off, too. Sweet! I unlocked my phone and realized I had received a text from Niall.

Message: al! wanna meet up today with me and the boys! we're gonna be doing band stuff and we thought you'd like to join? :-)

Oh, Harry had mentioned something about band stuff happening today, I think they need another member and back up dancers for their mini gig at some theater. I rang Niall from my home phone and it went to his voicemail.
"NIALLER! I think I might come down later, yeah? See you whenever!"
I think it might be interesting to see what cocky to self-conscious kids come down to audition. I ran to the shower and started to get ready. Hm, what to weeeear? Maybe I should be a groupie? Meh, I chucked on maroon three quarter jeans, a black top and vans, left my hair out, ran out the door an realized, I don't have transport. Ugh, I hate public transport! I went to go back inside to call a cab, until I realized, I manage to lock myself out. Double UGH! I decided to walk to the nearest bus station, which was a 15 minute walk.

As I got to the bus stop, I saw a familiar quiff, oh just my luck. I tried to cover my face, hoping he wouldn't see me.
"Yo, vas happenin'?" He was too close for my liking, I uncovered my face and he was giving me no personal space, with his arms out waiting for a hug. I took a step back and he dropped his arms, but kept a perky smile on his face.
"Hi?" It was meant to be a statement, but it came out as a question.
"Where ya heading?" No where. None of your business. I don't know. I could be bitchy, but I chose not to scoop to his level.
"Down town. To meet up with the boys."
"Ahh." His face dropped. Yeah, that's right, now go. "Me too!" He smiled.
WHAT?! Why? They hate you! Don't go near them, I give Harry permission to punch you! Get lost! "Ohh.." I don't know what else to say.
"Ahaha, not your boys though! I'm gonna meet Vicky's brothers!" Does it really look like I care? My bus pulled up, praise The Lord! I walked on, and noticed Zayn got on the same bus, he sat two rows behind me. We avoided each other quite well the whole time, until about four bus stops later when ew, Vicky got on. She 'accidentally' flicked her hair, well extensions in my face so I 'accidentally' tripped her.
"Oops." I laughed at her an she practically jumped in Zayn and ate his face, then looked at me giving me death stares. I couldn't care less.
When it came to my stop I jumped off and oh again, how lucky, they got off at my stop. I walked to the theater and I looked behind to see then walking the other way.

"ALEX!" Harry came up to me, gave my a hug and a kiss on the forehead.
"NIALLLER!" I shoved Harry away and ran to Niall and jumped on him.
"Aye! Alex, it's been a while!" He gave me a hug and messed up my hair.
"You're sounding quite well, Niall. It's good to see you're better!" He was finally feeling better.
"Hey Alex!" Louis yelled from the other side of the room and waved, I waved back.
"Alex, how are ya?" Liam smiled.
"Amazing, thanks. And you?"
"That's good and I'm quite well." Liam smiled even harder. He's so cute.
"So we just had auditions for our 5th member, but we couldn't find anyone. It's just the four of us." Harry walked up and hugged me from behind. "We're having auditions for back up dancer today and singers tomorrow." He smiled.
"I think it's perfect with just the four of you." I smiled, making sure everyone was happy with the fact that they couldn't find another member. It would be horrible.
"Come on! Lets sit down and start the auditions." Louis rushed us, we all sat on seats on the stage. It was set up sorta like the X factor, the judges have seats elevated to the same height as the stage and there's just 100's of chairs around the theater.

Performance after the next, same song on repeat (everyone had to dance to Asian Persuasion by Usher) no one grasped my attention. Even the boys were getting bored, but they were trying to be nice to everyone. One hour passed along and still no one decent. Another hour had passed and all the auditions were over, I felt so rude because I had fallen asleep until *BANG*, the front door of the theater had slammed shut an I almost jumped out if my seat, the boys just started to laugh.
"What was that?" I asked.
"Erm, I'm not sure. Everyone left like 10 minutes ago." Liam answered in confusion, "I'll check it out." He stood up and scanned the area, walked to the front door and "No one!" He yelled out to us.
"Maybe the last person to leave didn't shut the door?" Louis questioned.
"Yeah." Niall and Liam confirmed together. The boys stared talking about who made the cut again.

"Listen up, I got a story to tell.." The song started to play.
"Who the hell is there!" Louis demanded.
"Sorry boys, I was just taking a look around and accidentally hit the stereo!" A figure approached out if the dark, it was Zayn.
"Are you here to audition?" I sarcastically asked, it was actually more if a rhetorical question.
"No, cool kids don't dance." He smirked.
"Whatever." I rolled my eyes.
"Hey, it's either audition or get out." Liam tryed to speak as politely as he could.
"Can I sing?" Zayn asked. The nerve of this boy, I swear!
"No. Dance or get lost." Harry didn't hesistate to jump in.
"No fair!" Zayn defended.
"It's totally fair, you left for no fucking reason, you can't just expect us to let you back in, mate." Harry barked.
"It wasn't for no reason!" Zayn still defending himself.
"What?" Harry glared at him with a face that read 'ill punch you if you insult my girl.' Zayn paused.
"No reason."
"Smart move, ass." Harry stood up, "now exit that way." He pointed to the door.
"Wait!" Zayn yelled.
"No what?" Liam asked.
"I want to.. dance?"
"Why?" Harry barks.
"You said I could."
"Because you don't dance, so just leave." Harry really wanted him out if his sight.
"I'm dancing." Zayn played the song. He jumped in stage and stood there looking clueless. "Um.."
"Just get off the stage!" Harry yelled, and Niall nudged him.
"No!" Zayn protested. He started slowly moving his body and soon enough he was slowly grinding to Usher. Is was so.. sexy. Curing his body from left to right, he slowly pulled up his shirt half way and dropped it. OH MY LAWDY LAWD LAWD.
The song was half way through and he jumped off stage laughing, and walked out.
"Cool kids don't dance!" He yelled out.
"Yeah, but they grind." I whispered under my breath.

I feel bad because all I can concentrate on now is the fact that Zayn is a sexy mother fucker and Harry is right next to me. Harry grabbed my hand, looked at me with innocent eyes and smiled.
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