Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


30. Confessions

I still can't believe Zayn's gone. It's 11 am, I just got home from the airport and I desperately need to talk to Niall. I have his number in Ireland on speed dial. I was just about to call until I got rudely interrupted.

Who comes knocking at my door at 11 am?! I look through the peep hole and it's none other then Mr Harry Styles. I hesitantly open the door. 
"Alex I.." 
"Where were you today?" 
"I couldn't come, I'm sorry." 
"Why? Were you with Esther? Seriously you may never see Zayn again." I was really angry at Harry. 
"It's not like I like the kid." 
"That's not the point, Harry." 
"Okay, Alex, I'm sorry. But there's something I really have to tell you." 
"It better be important." 
"Oh, it is." Harry dragged me into my lounge room and sat down with me on a couch, "It's Esther." 
"Ew, what about her?" I would puke on her face if I had the chance. I know it's weird but she's putrid. 
"She was the reason Zayn was in hospital." 
"WHAT?!" I jumped off the couch, "HOW? WHY?" 
"She was trying to break you and Zayn up by being his hero or something. She thought that if their lips touched, he would be hers." He mocked, twirling his fingers around.
"So she poisoned him?!" 
"No, poisoning him was an accident. They didn't know that there was food poisoning in the food." Harry tried to explain. 
"Who's they?" 
"They is Esther and her friend.."
"Claire? That son of a bitch." 
"Yeah. And because that failed, they had a Plan B to break you two up." 
"Me and Zayn broke up not long after he got poisoned." 
"Well they clearly didn't know because they were going to make it look like Zayn was cheating on you." 
"They couldn't have done that in the first place? They had to send him to hospital and put so many people through this bullshit because they were jealous?! How dare they, do they realize what they did to him?" 
"I know, they're idiots, I can't stand them." Harry rolled his eyes.
"Then why.. why are you going out with Esther?" I shook my head.
"I'm.. I.. I broke up with her today. And put it this way, I have no social life and can not go outside without being mocked or hated on or bashed." Harry looked down toward his feet.
"What happened?" I sat down, concerned, and put my hand on Harry's back.
"You're comforting.." Harry looked at me, "Alex.. tell me you love me."
"Harry I.. love you?" What just happened?
"No, tell me and mean it." His eyes grew stronger and he bit his bottom lip.
"I just can't."
"Okay." Harry stood up, inhaling loudly through his nose and exhaling slowly through his mouth, "I gotta go." I walked him to the door and opened it. He stood outside the house, leaning on the doorframe.. awkwardly he leaned in for a kiss. I turned my head and pushed him away, shaking my head.
"Don't." I firmly said to him.
"I love you." Harry mouthed and walked off to his car, constantly watching his surroundings as if someone was going to jump out at him and shoot him or something.

Well.. Niall. He's um.. waiting for me to call. This thought brought a smile to my face.

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