Resplendent Enchantment

The title is ironic.


29. Bradford

Another week had passed and Zayn's been given a release from the hospital, and he's been given one pass to fly. He's going.. back to Bradford all the way in England. The band has had their semi-official break up, depending on the situation with Zayn. Another trip to the airport for us, another heart breaking goodbye, but this time it's a temporary forever. 
Zayn had an early flight and me, Liam, Louis, El and Tess came to see him off. The boys had invited Harry to come, but he never showed; he's probably with Esther or something. 
"ZAYNY BOY I'M GOING TO MISS YOU SO MUCH TAKE CARE!" Louis jumped on Zayn, leading the goodbyes, with what I think are real tears in his eyes. 
"I'll miss you too, Lou." Zayn hugged Louis. 
"Ah! That rhymed! Don't do that to me Zayn." Louis squeezed Zayn. 
Next was Tess, "Take care Zayn." She gave him a quick hug. 
"You too, Tess. Take care of Liam for me." 
"We'll take care of each other" Liam smiled, "Goodbye Zayn, hopefully we'll see each other soon, lad. Take care." 
"I love you Liam, hopefully we do get to catch up. Bye." Another hug was given to Zayn. 
"Toodles Zayn, stay safe and take care!" Eleanor hugged Zayn, her chin falling on his shoulder. 
"Bye bye, El. Take good care of Louis, please." He pointed to Louis the emotional wreck and laughed. 
"Zayn." I smiled, "I don't know what to say." 
"I do.." Zayn started, "I know you saw me kiss Claire, Alex. But I just want you to know it meant nothing and it obviously didn't matter to you. Alex.." He paused and gave me a hug. Still holding onto me his whispered into my ear, "I love you and please take care of Niall. He'll be good to you, you deserve the best and that boy, he's the best they have to offer." 
"How did you.." I started to tear up as Zayn released me. 
"It doesn't matter how I know. Goodbye Al." Zayn placed a long kiss on my forehead and walked to his terminal.

There goes my Bradford bad boy. 

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