Αηythιηg cσυld Ηαρρεη <3

Its Ariana's first day in a college in California. Los Angeles to be exact. Will she find 'the one' this year or get heart broken again..


2. Small dog?

I opened the door to find a girl with a big braces big glasses a very messy bun and some really small dog?.. I look closely nope its a giant rat!!! Shes feeding him something i have no idea what but whatever. Ari:"Hi im Ariana your roomate." ??:"hi im bethany but this isnt my room anymore im just saying good bye to it because im changing college." Ari:" Really! Im mean really?awn this must be awfull. Beth:" oh and if i were you i wouldnt sleep in that bed.. Just sayin'" ari:"Why?" Beth:" lets just say my friend here invited friends over and they made a mess in this bed. No one wants to clean it beacuse i feed them with beans with a hint of plutonium. Well i better get going!"
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