Αηythιηg cσυld Ηαρρεη <3

Its Ariana's first day in a college in California. Los Angeles to be exact. Will she find 'the one' this year or get heart broken again..


3. Real roommate

Ari's POV: someones stuff is already beside the non radioactiv rat poop bed. I can tell its a guy. It smells like manly cologne. I can tell by his stuff that he likes basket ball and by the life size half naked poster of beyonce that he is a very manly guy. I can also tell by all of his snap backs and supras that he has kind off his own style. Im gonna go take a shower.
Justin's part. Oh i see my roomate arrived. I hear the shower running. I lay in my bed and listen to music while i log on twitter. I hear the door of the bathroom open. And there she was. The hottest girl ive seen in my life. Id absolutly hit that! The towel covered a little. But her tanned long legs were revealed. Her hair was wet and drops of water driped on her chest and her shoulder it made her soooo sexy. Ari:" hi im Ariana you must be my roomate." Justin:" hi im Justin." Checks her out bites his lip and smiles. Ari: blushes slightly. "Well umm i was just gonna take my clothes and change." She heads back in the bathroom and leaves with black sweat pants and a katy perry shirt. She blow dryed her hair and tied it in a pony tail. Justin:" hey umm did you hear about that bed?" Ari:" yeah a girl told me about that bed. A radioactiv-rat-poop-bed." Justin:chuckles" soo umm whos sleeping in the safe and clean bed?" Ari:" you can your things were there first." Justin:" no you sleep there. Your a lady." Ari:" no its only fair if u sleep here cuz you were here first." Justin: " im only being a gentleman towards a very beautiful girl." Winks. Ari:" ok you know what? Heads or tails?" Justin:" tails." Ari:" if its heads i sleep here if its tails you sleep here." Justin:"fine."
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