Αηythιηg cσυld Ηαρρεη <3

Its Ariana's first day in a college in California. Los Angeles to be exact. Will she find 'the one' this year or get heart broken again..


4. Flip a coin

Ari throws coin in the air but it doesnt fall back down. Justin: chuckles" you lost the coin!" Someone bangs on the wall. "Oh for goodness sake!Just shut the f*** up and sleep together!!! can i have f***ing peace and quiet!!" Ari:" one question, do you move a lot in your sleep? " justin:" no.. Are u sure your ok with this?" Ari: " im fine. Just dont try to rape me while im sleeping." Giggles. Justin:" Dont worry i wont." Chuckles. Ari:"ok cool." Smiles. Justin:" you have a beautiful smile...( blushing a little) uhm i mean umm." Ari:" aww your sooo cute! You have amazing lips... You may think im wierd right now but its the first thing i notice in a guy." Justin:" yeah? Well i think your whole body is gorgeous!" Ari:" Well i think your cute, your very very cute." Justin:" Cute? Look at me im freaking sexy!" Ari: laughs" Ok dude you want me to call you a freaking sex god looking guy?" Justin:" you think im a sex god looking guy?" Smirks. Ari: blushing"it was an example!" Justin gets close enough so he could feel her warm breath Justin:" dont be embarrassed. Cuz when i first saw you.. You do NOT want to know what things came in my mind." Licks his lip and bites it. Strokes her cheek. Ari:" Not today Justin.. Keep it deep in your pants."giggles. Justin:" One day Ariana one day. Youll see." Ari:" If it helps you sleep at night then sure. Im going to sleep, you?" Justin:" i have to change first." Justin comes back shirtless and boxer briefs on. Ari: where are ur clothes?" Justin:" i dont have pjs.. I usually just sleep in my boxers." Ari:"oh well ummm goodnight." She says awkwardly. Justin:" goodnight Ariana." Smiles. Turns the light off and climbes in bed
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