Dance the night away

This story is about Justin Bieber meeting a girl in a club. They played a game a Justin won... By cheating.


1. I saw her

I spotted a hot girl working that dance floor. She looked like 17-20 ish. I couldnt see how she looked like very well because it was dark in the club. Ari's POV: i felt hands on my hips and a warm body behind me dancing in sync with me. I also smelled some man perfume and warm breathing on my neck.
Justin:"Hey babe whats your name beautiful? Ari:" lets make a deal if you can handle the grinding without getting a boner ill give my name, my number and one kiss. Justin:" deal but you cant get wet if you succeed ill give you my name, my number and a private gun show."
35 mins later Justin slid his hands from her waist to her 'a'
Justin:" still handleling me baby?" He whispers seductively in her ear. Ari:" its harder than i thought it would be be im handleling it." Justin starts kissing Aris neck. Justin:" you sure?" He said even more sensually. Ari:" ok ok you win." She grabs his hand and walks out of the club. It was very dark outside so they could barely see each others face. Justin:" hey lets take a walk on the beach." Ari:" ok." They started walking in the sand. Justin:" Wait. Im 18 how old are you?" Ari:" 19. Oh and by the way im Ariana. And could you give me your phone for a second?" Justin hands it to her. She saves her number in it and gives it back to him. Justin:" one prize left." Ari kisses him softly. Fireworks, nuff said. They kissed for about 10 mins but they both felt like its was for 3sec. Ari:" your a really good kisser." Justin:" yeah i get that a lot." Ari:" shut up!" Justin:" i was kidding and your the best kisser yet." Ari:" yeah i get that a lot." imitating his voice. Justin:" shut up!" Imitating her voice. Ari:" giggles" justin:" chuckles." Justin:" hey i have a confession to make." Ari:" your actually a chick." Justin:" im pretty sure im a dude wanna check?" Points his pants. Winks. Justin:" seriously though i have to admit sonething." Ari:" throw it." Justin:" i cheated. I had a boner way before( he looks at me and smirks) you got wet. Ari:" sooo i guess i have to know your name." Justin:" im Justin. And gimme your phone for a sec." Saves his number. Justin:" what do you say we go to my house i live alone your gonna have a personal Justin shows his body time." Ari:" bites her lip and blushes." Justin opens the car door to the passenger seat for her.
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