Delilah thinks that she loves this guy more than anything in the world. But someone new in her life begins to take the poll on her and make her question her life more than ever. Her life is about to change as she ventures out with a secret admirer but soon find out she's not the only one who's getting swept off her feet by prince charming. Read more and find out her story through her eyes. Enjoy :)


1. Chapter 1

It was done. I had done it. There was no way I could possibly undo what I had just done. As much as I said it was wrong in the past, and immoral, and inhuman I had been a hypocrite for the sake of what my mind made me to believe as love. Abortion. It was the only way I could keep him from not leaving me, even though if he disappeared I wouldn’t care. Somehow I felt I needed to please him, make him happy, and in a way I did. It was my vital for me.

            I had gotten pregnant at the age of 18 and it wasn’t necessarily planned. His name was Eric. I had met him at University and he seemed to innocently sweet, all the qualities they know a girl wants and will kill to have in someone. Well guess what? I did kill. Myself and my baby. Literally I’m still alive but I’m numb. I don’t care what people think when they see me, I don’t have feelings for anything, and I walk along the world without an absolute purpose but to waste space. If i could change anything in my past it wouldn’t be to unmeet Eric. No that would be foolish because I would’ve missed out on a happy year that I needed at the time. I would take back all those times that I didn’t walk away. I didn’t walk away when I knew he would only cause trouble and pain to me. And even to this day I haven’t walked away from him. I still live with him in our apartment and am in a “relationship” with him. If that’s what you would call abuse. Yes, he abuses me and when I was younger I would look down on those women who took the hits and whips because they were foolish for not walking away, but now I understand. Eric is the only one I have. My parents died when I was young and I was left with my brother Dan. He raised me and took  care of me but once I kept my relationship with Eric after being told to steer clear of him he dropped me like  a fly knowing I would never be reluctant to his nagging.

            He is the first true boyfriend I had ever had and took me in. he was patient and caring but not for long. The period of happiness with him was over quickly. Yes he did rape me, although I had thought I needed him and I left it withouth second thought. He abused me and had a serious alcohol problem. The reason for his erratic behavior.  One night he blew his top and broke my leg pushing me down the stairs. Even then I did not walk away. Now as I walk away from the hospital I know nothing will be the same knowing I let someone die when I had complete choice on their life.

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