Taught Strings


1. Taught Strings

In this moment, as I reflect

With deep regret I do detect

A mosaic of activity

Performed with circularity


I indulge in repose till late

The day's eve much a liquid date

Or night my eyes were not heavy

If, as oft, trial breached the levee


And anxiety was enough

To turn sleep to elusive stuff

Lone in the dark but not forlorn

Lying trance-like until the dawn


I fend off all deficiency

Ingest encased sufficiency

And prepare at that same station

Vestibules of stimulation


On hinge, I lift the lid that flips

To portals for relationships

Trigger the spring that lets in light

And skim through the fruits of the night


I escape into fantasy

Wasting hours incrementaly

After I view the mindlessness

I finally arise and dress


I don a costume for the day

Beat forces drawing me to stay

And emerge to refreshing air

For excessiveness needs repair


And because this workplace of Cole

Is medication for the soul

Beads of effort drop to lay cleanse

To the thoughts that are not my friends


I buy made what will not prepare

Raw and vital, nourishing fare

Then it's time to get underway

Tasks that are unique to the day


I apply to flourish again

But these boomerangs hit me when

The reply is once again “nay,

You cannot return to the fray”


I attend to notes that say “pay”

And cleanse my wares or place I stay

Speak over invisible line

To loved ones I'm blessed to call mine


Then as the sun again tapers

Ducking back beneath the scrapers

I take some time to primp and preen

Transform to grace some New York scene


Upon return when I am curled

Comfortably in my true square world

I pull once more the curtains tight

And fade gently into the night


Tomorrow and all days from hence

Bring, without doubt, the same sequence

Thus, together my days all swirl

Wrapped in habit's tight little curl


The high pitched screams a pluck will send

From taught strings that scarcely bend

Not the timbre of happiness

More a beacon of mild distress


Variation within small range

When examined seems mighty strange

If in truth I'm completely free

Why does routine so limit me?

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