FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


3. Will You Go Out With Me?

Danielle's POV

I woke up and checked the time. It was already 10:30 am and I had to meet up with Niall in half an hour. I brushed my wavy brown hair and brushed my teeth. I put on sweats, a pair of vans, and ran downstairs "Maryrose I'm going to meet Niall at the park be back soon!" I screamed and ran out the door. I got in my car and headed to the park, wondering why Niall wanted to see me.

I got there at exactly 11. I hopped out of the car and saw Niall sitting on a bench. I ran over to him and gave him a hug. "Hey", he said. That was when I saw that he was holding flowers.
"Hey", I said, smiling. We sat down and stayed quiet for a while. Then Niall spoke. "I know I've only known you for a few days but I feel like you're the one for me and I have a huge crush on you. The only reason I said I had a crush on Lou that night was because I was afraid you wouldn't like me back. And when you left I knew you were the one because once you walked out our door I started missing you like crazy". I blushed and Niall grabbed my hand, standing me up. He then got on one knee holding the flowers out to me. "Danielle Jennings will you go out with me?" he asked shakily.
"Yes Niall of course!" I took the flowers. Then he stood up and hugged me tight.

We looked each other in the eye and right then and there I was being kissed by my dream boy Niall James Horan. My first kiss was with the boy of my dreams.

Niall's POV

"Danielle Jennings, would you go out with me?" Those words came out of my mouth.
Danielle was in tears. "Yes Niall of course", she said. My heart was now beating a mile a minute. I stood up and hugged her tight. This is the best day of my life. I looked in her eyes and kissed her. Sparks flew and I feel like the luckiest man alive. 

We got in Dani's truck and headed to her flat. When we got inside we saw Harry and Maryrose on the couch holding hands, cuddling and watching horror movies. "Danielle guess what? Harry asked me out!"  Maryrose said, squeezing Harry.

I hugged Danielle's waist and kissed her cheek, making her blush. Maryrose smiled, getting the idea.

We walked over and joined them. During the scary parts, I felt Danielle jump and bury her head in my chest. I was happy.

When the movie ended Liam called Harry and I to go to an interview. We kissed the girls goodbye and headed to the interview.

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