FATE (completed)

This is my first fan fiction my name is Danielle and I'm from Hawaii.
My cousin and I are huge One Direction fans.
When I graduated I moved to New York and I can't believe who I meet there.


8. tour

harrys pov 

it was our last day in new york and we were all at the flat hanging out our flight wasnt until 6pm and it was only 8am

maryrose was still asleep and so were the rest of the boys the only person missing was danielle i went down stairs and saw her sitting on the couch watching tv " morning dani why you up so early"i said to har as i sat down

" i could ask you the same thing"  she smirked " never mind so what are you watching" i looked at the tv "scooby doo " " i love scooby doo" i smiled " i bet now shut up and let me finish eating my cereal in peace" she laughed and continued eating she was a perfect match for niall they both loved their food and were still smaller than all of us. " hey harry can you wake up maryrose and bring us to our flat so we can pack our stuff" dani said as she walked out of the kitchen "sure" i walked up stairs and saw my angel sleeping peacefully i kissed her cheek and her eyes fluttered open she looked up at me and smiled " morning beautiul danielle wants me to bring you guys to your flat so you can pack your things for the tour." she gave me a kiss " okay" we walked down stairs and met danielle in her truck " i told niall where we will be so the boys dont worry" dani smiled as she stared the engine .


maryroses pov.

we got to our flat and me and harry went straight up to my room so i could pack i still had most of my stuff in boxes so i was done in 5 minutes with the help of harry "hey whats this " harry said holding up a photo album " oh that me and danielles memory book it has all the pictures we ever took together" i smilled remembering the olden days when we were inseparable we still are" lets bring this on tour so we can add more and you guys can be in it too" i said as i put it in my suit case " that will be great" harry smiled as we picked up my suit cases and put it in the truck danielle came down a few minutes later then we headed back to the boys flat

when we got there me and danielle took out the laptop and video chatted with our family "hii" our whole family said at the same time i could tell the wireless web cam was on the tv so we could see everyone they took up the whole living room "hi we miss you guys " me and danielle smiled " we miss you too" our moms said we all had tears in our eyes "wheres your boyfriends?" my cousin den asked smiling at us "pssh what are you talking about " i said as me and danielle laughed and looked at each other "dont deny it we saw a picture of you guys holding hands with NIALL HORAN AND HARRY STYLES " denise said glaring at us " wait ill go get them" danielle said running up " so how are you guys" i asked trying to start a conversation "were great how about you too?" aunty jenny danielles mom asked before i could answer danielle came back with harry and niall "hi im niall " "im harry " the boys smiled i heared screaming for the laptop it was denise "ahh you guys are so lucky you guys are going out with them " she said with a pouty face we all just laughed the rest of the boys came down and we all talked and they got to know each other by time we finished talking it was already 5 we said good bye and put the laptop in the suit case then headed to the airpot 

danielle pov

when we got to the airport there was paparazzi and screaming girls every were

while we were walking to do baggage check a couple girls threw rocks at us really hard i got hit on my back and my head and maryrose got hit in her head and her stomach me and her fell to the floor in pain the boys stopped and ran to us "aww the little baby is crying you guys dont deserve to be with them" a girl shouted "your guys head is bleeding" niall said in anger niall and harry clenched their fist and stood up me and maryrose grabbed their arm "its not worth it" i tell niall as he looks down at me "it is"  lou and liam grab our hands and take it off niall and harry "you cant do this to our girlfriends if you guys were real fans you would be happy for us and not abuse them like this"harry shouted niall and harry walked back to us then we headed to the plane the flight attendants bandaged us up and we took are seats we were in first class

our stop was 3 hours away so me and maryrose took the time to sleep 

tour here we come


a/n i will try and update tomarrow but ill see what homework i have to get done okay love all my readers please like and favorite if you wanna talk or anything follow me on twitter my user is @danigirl314 and maryroses is @2000mroses like it says in chapter "this means war"

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